Losing It With John Stamos: Olivia Munn


Olivia Munn, geek goddess & star of HBO’s hit series The Newsroom, recounts her first sexual experience and it is hilarious!

The 30-Year-Old Virgins

the thrity year old virgins

JJ Vincent thinks he finally knows why he and his friends did not understand the 30-year-old virgins.

Special is a Bitter Taste


Being a teenager sucks, but when I treated relationships like they were disposable, I didn’t know I was hurting other people too.


Angel 2001

Lowering his beauty standards proves too high a challenge for Andy Bodle.

Humiliation at the Hands of an Icebreaker

Never Have I Ever, a drinking game

An insecure young man takes a drinking game as a challenge in personal development.

The 20, 30 and 40+ Year-Old Virgin

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 11.42.52 AM

Doctor NerdLove examines the complicated cultural and personal narratives surrounding male virginity.

Let’s Assume I’m a Virgin


Being a 23 year old man and still a virgin seems to require an explanation.

I F—-d a Girl and I Think I Didn’t Like It


Everyone’s tastes are different.

Fox News: Be Abstinent Until Marriage, Mimbos.

TweetSteven Crowder apparently waited until he got married to have sex, and would like to tell us all about it. In general, I am happy for Mr. Crowder. He waited until he got married to have sex and had a very enjoyable loss of his virginity. I’m glad! I think everyone should have the right […]

“There is a huge expectation for men to orgasm when having sex.”


This is a comment by elementary_watson on the post “How Did I Miss This Article?”

“Why when a dude admits to his virginity do people think there’s something wrong?”


This is a comment by Tom B on the post “I Thought You Were Like a Ken Doll”.

“Your sexual activity does not make you a man. Things like compassion, honor, and honesty do.”


Æther talks about how to start having the kind of sex you want while attracting the kind of partners you want.

I Thought You Were Like a Ken Doll

naked ken doll straddling giant baby doll head

Is a man who is a virgin not really a man?

“We don’t know much about attraction, so we laugh at or deny people who can’t get laid.”


This is a comment by Nistan on the post “Can’t Get Laid”.

“We need to stop treating female virginity like a treasure and male virginity like a curse.”


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Can’t Get Laid

TweetRecently, the inimitable Captain Awkward provided advice to a gentleman who was flirted with somewhat avidly but didn’t end up having sex with the lady in question, and feels somewhat wrong about all of this. I’d just like to signal-boost this bit right here: Fallacy #1: ”Young heterosexual dudes are up for sex all the time, […]