De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum: There’s no Accounting for Taste

Why do we frequently find it hard to give a rational account of our aesthetic judgments?

Are You a Man Who Has Virtues and Values Confused?

What’s the difference between virtues and values, what do we prioritize as important, and what does that say about us.

Frankly, I Do Give a Damn

An encounter in the grocery parking lot changes Greg White’s resolutions for this and every year.

A Perfect Test

A San Francisco native travels to the Mississippi Delta for lessons on another America.

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On Being a Good Man

There is a difference between being a good man and being good at being a man. An excerpt from Jack Donovan’s book, ‘The Way of Men.’

Boys Without Ambitions

When achieving the next level is easy, boys aren’t motivated to succeed in real life.

Which Virtues Are the Most Underrated?

“Acts of heroism and accomplishment are always prepared for with millions of small actions that make up a person’s moral fiber.”

Captain America Is the Best Man

Mark D. White’s personal hero, Captain America, may be the best example of a good man.