Engaging Future Activists Through Study Abroad Programs


Travel to explore new cultures will change your life. Here’s a social entrepreneur using it to build leadership.

You Probably Don’t Practice the Most Important Skill in Life

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You are a SOCIAL animal. So why accept social mediocrity?

We Are Not the Boogeyman


Would you like fingerprints or a DNA Sample? JJ Vincent talks about the fear of men as predators.

Autism and Teenage Angst

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Teen years bring enough turmoil. Imagine also being severely autistic.

Why Consumption Replaced Contribution: The Decline of Service in America

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How our mass consumption consumes our service to others.

There Is No Advice That Doesn’t Suck


Sean Beaudoin has only one real piece of advice: You’re the one who is responsible for making your own life interesting.

Robert F. Kennedy and Me

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On the 45th anniversary of his death, Deborah A. Lott describes the reaction to the assassination of Bobby Kennedy: in the Ambassador Hotel where he was scheduled to speak, and in the days and years after.

5 Guys Talking: Men of Action

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An AIDS activist, a Christian missionary, a wilderness first responder, and a revolutionary rock star… Premium Members talk to four men who’ve made it their lives’ work to help other people, and how any of us can be prepared to take action in a crisis.

Are You Raising a Narcissist?

narcissism, selfish children, overconfident underachievers, teaching humility, modeling empathy, parenthood, faith

The cultural and technological trends that are making us even more self-absorbed.

What Can You Learn from a First Grader?

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Ken Goldstein takes part in a program called Reading to Kids, and see the potential for all of us.

Thank ALL the Veterans this Holiday Season


It’s easy to forget that living veterans from all wars and conflicts before 9/11 are still suffering from the effects of their service as well.

International Men’s Day 2012


Helping men and boys live longer, happier, healthier lives.

How Much Truth, How Soon?


What knowledge do you shield your kids from, and why?

Incarcerated Youth Write the Stories of Their Lives

InsideOUT Writers

A writing and mentoring program in Los Angeles for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated youth is changing their lives from the inside out.

VIDEO: The Fight of 9-Year-Old Josef Miles


In protest of Westboro Baptist, a Topeka boy speaks out for love and cultural tolerance.

“What gift do you get for someone who’s dying? Buy her a nice dress and slow dance in the living room.”

Mum And Dads Silver Wedding Anniversary

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