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Does responsible leadership require a responsible electorate in a democracy?

Would You Vote for an Admitted Heterosexual? [Video]


A bunch of guys were asked if they would vote for a heterosexual president. I really hope this is a joke.

“Do Most American’s learn about Issues & Vote based on Sound Bites?”

Social Media

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Can Better Mobile Access Increase Voting Engagement?


Matt Hudson is building a mobile platform that helps local candidates reach and mobilize their constituents.

The Voter Fraud Myth


Few if any people actually commit voter fraud, but some people are trying to make it harder to vote anyway.

Guyhood Relaunch & Call for Submissions

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“Take note 18-24 year olds, the Guyhood section has returned. Help The Good Men Project define your experience.”

More Early Voting Please


Early voting’s opponents often show a shocking lack of knowledge about how our democracy actually works.

The Coming Battle Over Voter ID

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A judge in Pennsylvania has thrown out Pennsylvania’s controversial voter ID law setting the stage for the Supreme Court to tackle the issue.

Attorney Urges Voters Not to Re-Elect Philly’s First Black DA

Coard at TM Rally2

Disappointed by the actions of District Attorney Seth Williams, Michael Coard, a prominent Philadelphia lawyer, suggest that tax-payers vote for Daniel Alvarez this Tuesday, November 5th, in the General Election.

Supreme Court Rules Proof of Citizenship Not Required for Voter Registration

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The Supreme Court has ruled against an Arizona law that requires voters to provide proof of citizenship in addition to a driver’s license before they can register to vote.

Why Do All Politicians Sound the Same? (Video)


If you’ve ever noticed that political campaigns end up sounding identical when you boil them down, this video explains why.

The Human Jukebox is Mind-Blowing (Video)


Two men play their instruments while people vote to change the style, artist, and speed at which they are playing.