Guyhood Relaunch & Call for Submissions

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“Take note 18-24 year olds, the Guyhood section has returned. Help The Good Men Project define your experience.”

More Early Voting Please


Early voting’s opponents often show a shocking lack of knowledge about how our democracy actually works.

The Coming Battle Over Voter ID

liberty bell

A judge in Pennsylvania has thrown out Pennsylvania’s controversial voter ID law setting the stage for the Supreme Court to tackle the issue.

Attorney Urges Voters Not to Re-Elect Philly’s First Black DA

Coard at TM Rally2

Disappointed by the actions of District Attorney Seth Williams, Michael Coard, a prominent Philadelphia lawyer, suggest that tax-payers vote for Daniel Alvarez this Tuesday, November 5th, in the General Election.

Supreme Court Rules Proof of Citizenship Not Required for Voter Registration

voting sticker

The Supreme Court has ruled against an Arizona law that requires voters to provide proof of citizenship in addition to a driver’s license before they can register to vote.

Why Do All Politicians Sound the Same? (Video)


If you’ve ever noticed that political campaigns end up sounding identical when you boil them down, this video explains why.

The Human Jukebox is Mind-Blowing (Video)


Two men play their instruments while people vote to change the style, artist, and speed at which they are playing.

Voting for Humanity


In this installment of “Love, Recorded,” Matt wants to vote for babies and a man in line to vote has a possible heart attack.

Infographic: What if Only White Men Voted in the Election?

Screen Shot 2012-11-13 at 9.56.07 PM

Ever wondered how our political landscape would look if we were one, homogenous group?

Vote-By-Mail Just Works Better


Noah Brand makes the case for nationwide mail-in ballots.

Is Our Vote Determined By Our Biology?

TED's Jonathan Haidt

Brandon Ferdig discusses Jonathan Haidt’s ideas of openness within a moral matrix to look at how we vote.

What Makes A Democratic Republic?


Sean Davis has a few words for anyone planning not to vote.

The Power of the Personal in Politics


With our voices united we could turn stories from male survivors of childhood sexual abuse into action.

The “Have Not Voted” Party


Why do you vote? (Or don’t, as the case may be.)

16 Ways to Not Be a Shit Guy


Mike Nicholson has some rules that remind him where that line is.

“Vote For Them” – Slam Poetry Video Urges You to Use Your Voice

Screen Shot 2012-09-09 at 4.10.30 PM

Think politics just isn’t your thing? Let Carlos Andrés Gómez tell you why it should be.