Moving Through Fear to a Place of Enlightenment

Louise Thayer works with animals, but she takes us on the ultimate human journey.

Evolving the Masculine: A Man’s Heart

How does being a man relate to having a tender, compassionate heart?

Do Men Ever Stop Thinking? Is There A Masculine Path To Joy?

I was asked recently to write about the path of joy. I said to myself (with a duplicitous smile on my face)…. “The What?”

The Mental Illness Happy Hour with Paul Gilmartin

“I have this fear that if I feel this pain, it will kill me and I will die… I’m afraid that I’m going to pass my anger onto my son.”

Every Man, Every Day, Should Ask Himself One Question

Author Jay Cradeur shares a moment to moment choice which directly impacts a man’s experience of life and lover.

Be Vulnerable, Share Your Pain, and Begin to Heal

View image | Christine Walker interviews David Callister from Renaissance Ranch, Outpatient Rehabilitations Center where men (and women) recover from addiction through acceptance, self-love, and above all, vulnerability.   Recently, I interviewed, David Callister, the clinical director of Renaissance Ranch, an addiction rehabilitation center in Sandy, Utah. He’s thoughtful, insightful and understands addiction from both a personal […]

How to Stop Old Wounds from Stealing Your Relationships

“Here’s the dilemma – let go of the armor and risk being hurt or don’t let go of the armor and the relationship you deserve will struggle to find you.”

Cowards Don’t Cry

Screw the cultural cowardice you’ve been fed. Cry if you feel like crying.

Ditch Approach Anxiety Once and For All

Here’s how you can turn approach anxiety into reach out success minus the cold sweats and furtive glances…

Please Don’t Send A Dick-Pic… Try This Instead

Jordan Gray says these four strategies do a lot more to woo the ladies than dick-pics ever will.

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6 Ways To Save Your Struggling Relationship

Jordan Gray says that self-reflection, gratitude immersion, and set-in-stone sex dates will help you and your love feel re-connected in no time.

Can You Truly Love a Shrouded Heart?

  If you want to love and be loved, you’ve got to show up naked. ___ I’ve struggled Fought myself Wondering Whether to say it or leave it To swallow or sing Yet to be true I’m willing to disappoint you Scare you Lose you My ear hoping, aching for I love you I’ve always […]

Beware of The Emotional Predator

Theresa Byrne tells us how to recognize and avoid these disastrous relationships.

How to Hold a Woman

When you learn how to really hold a woman you also learn why it so important to be held by her as well…

Newsflash: Your Ex Might Not Be Toxic or Narcissistic

Sometimes, the person is good. Just not good for you.

The Doorway to Love Is a Broken Heart

I dare you to let the hammer of love smash open your heart.