One Practice That Saves More Relationships Than Anything Else


Jordan Gray says that you can save yourself years of frustration, heartache, and confusion by adopting this one relationship practice.

There’s More Than One Kind of Naked


Why taking your clothes off doesn’t always mean being vulnerable.

8 Powerful Ways To Mold Your Children Into Leaders

8 Ways by Paul Inkles

Emotional intelligence expert Dr. Travis Bradberry offers practical parenting tips for teaching your kids leadership skills.

Let’s Hear It For The Boys


Mike Johnson from Human Parts talks about keeping the boys healthy.

Who Wears The Pants? Shouldn’t You Be Naked?

We joke about who wears the pants, but shouldn’t a relationship be about being naked with each other?

Where Do Men Go When They Are Afraid?

If men are supposed to be fearless, what do we do when we’re afraid?

5 Warning Signs That Your Soulmate is Becoming a Roommate

Soulmate to Roommate

It’s insidious and before you know it the love of your life turns into someone just sharing a space –here’s how to avoid that from happening.

Guys, Stop Pretending Your Breakup Didn’t Hurt

Guys Stop Pretending by Khashayar Elyassi

Breakup expert Matt Shumate explains how leaning in to post-breakup pain makes you—and your next relationship—stronger.

What I Wish Men Knew About Themselves


How do we reach men who don’t like or want help? Psychologist and Relationship Expert Maureen Campion has the answers.

The Illusion of a Perfect Life—and Why So Many People Think They Need One

The Illusion by Mike Berry

Mike Berry wants you stop comparing your life to everyone else’s and start embracing happiness.

How to Share What Hurts

How to Share by U.S. Army

To claim your story and live an honest life, you have to share your pain.

What Happens When Men Have the Courage to Be Vulnerable


Mike Robbins has learned there is surprising power in letting people see who we really are and how we really feel.

#65: Wm Paul Young, ‘The Shack’ Author: “We Need to Talk Honestly about Loss”


“In a culture as sick as its secrets, loss brings us together again.”

Love Harder: What It Means to Be the Vulnerable One in a Relationship


Cherish this moment, because it is one of the best moments human beings experience in their lives – the moment of choosing to be vulnerable.

The Art of Humanity

The Art of Humanity by Julia Bobkoff

Patrick Sallee reviews Jessica Ann’s new podcast. This week, Jeff Pulver talks about vulnerability as strength.

Why Women Fake It and Men Pretend They Don’t

Why Women Fake It

Here’s a way to make intimate experiences more real and fulfilling by never having to “fake it” again…