“If a man destroyed a woman’s genitals and killed her as a result there would be no jokes made about her.”

This is a comment by Jimmy on the post “Cup Check: Woman Crushes Man’s Testicles Resulting in Death”.

FBI: Female Body Investigator Quiz

What’s your rank?

Riding in PopPop’s Vulva

Joanna Schroeder teaches her sons about sex, and ponders the merit of words like “vajayjay” and “hoo-hah.”

The Unnamed Genitals Have a Name: Vulva

Marcus Williams wishes our earliest sexual vocabulary acknowledged that boys and girls both have interesting parts, not just a penis and the place where penises want to go.

Intersex and Gender Surgery

Some interesting debate has been going on in the circumcision post about genital surgery on children. Therefore, I felt it was time to bring up one of the most important and overlooked issues about children and genital surgery. The intersex. An intersex person was born with anatomy that doesn’t match the ordinary definitions of female […]