Show Me the Money

Andy Bodle believes he’s uncovered the real cause of the gender pay gap.

Why Dads Matter: A Feminist Mom’s Perspective

Anne Theriault and her husband thought they had their roles all planned out, but parenthood changed those plans.

“The Myth of Male Decline”: Stephanie Coontz Gets It Right

A New York Times op-ed explains the difference between the imaginary end of men and the real problems men face.

“Society glorifies the death of boys and men, especially if done by violent means.”

These are comments by on the post “Why Are Men Four Times More Likely to Kill Themselves Than Women?”

Dating While Broke

Dating takes time and money. What’s a hard-working, single man to do?

Why Men Aren’t Built For Office Work

Are modern men not well-evolved for modern jobs?

Intersectionality and Men of Color

Quote from a very interesting article linked in an Open Thread (hat tip to Matthew Swank): I also said that [the documentary] marginalizes MOC because for example, the women make 70-something cents per dollar thing (that white feminists *always* use) is white women to white men. Black men, for example, make less than white women. And […]