What Your Restaurant Staff REALLY Thinks


Ever wonder why your server or chef gives you a dirty look? Jarad Dewing serves up a plate of explanation with a side of smirk.

Waiter Becomes Hero By Refusing Service


No shirt, no shoes, insulting a disabled child… no service.

10 Things Being a Waiter Taught Me about Being a Better Man


Waiting tables can be an opportunity to develop skills from humility to leadership.

The 10 at 10

Gabrielle Giffords

Sitting is really bad for you, waiters are doomed, and Gabby Giffords can attend her husband’s shuttle launch.

Guestpost #28: Ted Hallett – Ten things I’ve learned from working in restaurants for 15 years of my life

Ted Hallett is a very gifted actor, improviser, teacher, and all around terrific person. I credit his 101 class for reinvigorating my love of improv, and his emphatic teaching style for causing me to take it seriously. Here is his ITC bio: http://www.impatient.ca/people/ted-hallett/   For most actors, the restaurant industry is a common job to […]