Explore Rome – Man in the Eternal City

What can you discover exploring a city by foot?

An Old Friend

Reconnecting with nature helped Todd Hannula breathe new life into his daily routine.

7 Ways That Jesus Likes to Heal Nasty People

Just mentioning Jesus can get funny looks and rolled eyes. No sermonizing here, just my thoughts along with a few funny bits about healing.

I Walked 1,400 Miles After My Son Died and Finally Forgave Myself

Barry Adkins walked 1,400 miles to speak in different schools about his loss of a son due to binge drinking. But the walk itself showed him so much – forgiveness, grief, and moving forward.

Why We Run #10: Pushing Myself Into Constant Motion

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In Praise of Snow and Anarchy

Why it’s good when the city shuts down.

The Joy of Walking

Take a walk with Leo Babauta.

Watch This Amazing 2-Year-Old Take His First Steps, and Tell the World ‘I Got It’

It’s hard enough to learn to walk. But when you have lost your left leg and right foot, it’s near impossible. (Just don’t tell that to Kayden Kinckle, however).

5 Reasons to See the Truth of the Situation We Are In

Mike Sliwa believes the story we tell ourselves about ourselves is a story worth forgetting.

Teacher Lost 37 Pounds Eating Only McDonald’s, and Why I’m Hatin’ It

McDonald’s weight loss experiment proves yet again that eating for weight loss and eating for health are not always the same thing.

Going From Feeble to Fit Takes Far Less Than We’ve Been Conditioned to Believe

Movement maverick Rannoch Donald on how doing a little, often, becomes a lot.

Fall Distractions

For John Brier, walking his dog turns into an exercise in mindfulness.

10 Ways to Love Your Life (First Installment)

Happiness is always a choice. Jackson Bliss breaks down the first 10 ways to personal happiness

Stop Exercising and Start Exercising

Enough already with the gym you never visit. Go take a walk.

Racoon Tightrope Walks Across Two Power Lines in a Neighborhood (Video)

I’ve seen squirrels do some crazy things, but this critter puts them on a run for their money with this acrobatic feat.

This Teen Walked 10 Miles in the Snow for a Job Interview and Got One Before He Arrived (Video)

Need some hope? This is what happens when determination meets a good heart.