The One Question You Need to Ask to Keep Your Marriage on Track.

The New York Times proposes 36 questions. The Wall Street Journal suggests 6. Anna Rosenblum Palmer and her husband narrow it down to one.

Everyday Innovation

Do we need to stop setting the bar too high when it comes to innovation and ambition? Ken Goldstein takes a look.

Do More Americans Want a More Active U.S. in World Affairs?

With ISIS becoming a growing threat and potential global destabilizing force, should The U.S. take a leadership role, as part of a large international effort, to defeat it?

Dear Mr. Perkins: It’s Not Kristallnacht

Rick Mandler breaks down the absurdity of Tom Perkins’ comparison of persecution of the 1% to Nazi anti-semitism.

State of the Union Shuffle

Every State of the Union is supposed to be “more than just a speech” but in reality they are all just a speech.

Million Dollar Baby

Golfer Hunter Mahan walked away from a possible million-dollar payday to be at his daughter’s birth. Scott Behson says the overwhelmingly positive reaction demonstrates society’s attitudes towards fathers’ roles are changing.

Why Dads Should Take Paternity Leave

Canadian Michael Cusden fought guilt and worry at the onset of his six-month parental leave.

Moms and Dads Reach Workplace Equality: Neither Can Have It All

Reports in mainstream media confirm the same thing: Men and women are equally dissatisfied with current work-life balance, reports Scott Behson

What the “Freak” Is Going On?

Tim Lincecum is just one of many pitching aces who’s lost his fastball. Neil Cohen wonders if it matters? (Hint: yes, if you’re Lincecum)

How Do Men Think About Sex?

Mark D. White challenges a Wall Street Journal article that uses tired and insulting clichés about men and sex.

RAW STORY: Republican National Committee Votes Unanimously Against Marriage Equality

The Republican National Committee (RNC) unanimously adopted resolutions against marriage equality on Friday, despite rising support for the idea among voters nationwide.

NEW POLL: Gay Marriage Support Up, Abortion Support Down

Nearly 79% polled say they know or work with someone who is homosexual, which is an increase of 14 points since December.

Where Have All The Good Men Gone?

Harris O’Malley challenges the notion that there is an epidemic of man-children in society today.

Tag, You’re It—Never Stop Playing

How one continuous game of tag has kept the friendship of 9 men going strong since high school.

I’d Rather Be at Work Than Be a Stay At Home Dad

A preference for full-time work over full-time childcare does not make for a bad parent

Mr. Mom Ain’t Dead

Reports that Mr. Mom is dead have been greatly exaggerated, according to Zach Rosenberg of 8BitDad