Walmart’s Pay Raise Highlights How Poor We’ve All Become


Walmart’s pay hike may just be a masterful public relations stunt. Even so, the announcement forced everybody to think about what lower-income workers need to survive.

What Looks Like Pain But Feels Like Hope

what looks pain II

Justin Ricklefs found himself in a Walmart parking lot, crying. Only then did he start to live.

Who Needs to Shop on Thanksgiving?

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Holidays are for quality time with family and friends, sharing good food, laughter, love and joy, not for shopping.

Dear Walmart, Re: Camp Dachau Gate Poster

walmart dachau

An inquiry into the motives behind Walmart’s marketing of Camp Dachau atrocity.

A Mother’s Day Reflection [With a Little Help From Walmart]

Alexs Children for Walmart

Alex Yarde celebrates Mother’s Day simply — with family, love and community—and a special way of Empowering Women Together by Walmart.

13 States Overcome Republican Obstruction, Will Raise Their Minimum Wage in 2014


While Republicans have been busy the past 4 years in the US House of Representatives, state governments have been busy drafting legislation that would raise the minimum wage above the Federal minimum of $7.25.

No, the Unemployment Crisis is Not Gone


Two recent stories about Walmart highlight how big our nation’s unemployment problem remains.

New Study: More American Adults on Minimum Wage than Teenagers

photo by kansirnet

88 percent of minimum wage workers are above the age of 20. A third are at least 40 years old.

Is This Consumer Power In Action? Wal-Mart’s Sales Plummet

Wal Mart Eco Ratings

Despite all of the things going against Walmart, never once do they consider people are waking up to their business model. Instead, they point the finger at everybody but themselves.

Walmart Does Not Create Jobs, It Destroys Them

Economists are starting to take a closer look at the effects of Walmart on the economy, and what they are finding may surprise you.

New York’s Attorney General Plans to Investigate ‘Payroll Debit Cards’

prepaid debit

They appear to offer convenience, but the prepaid debit cards offered by employers may actually cost employees more than they are worth.

‘China-Like’ Labor Force Used In US Prisons

inmate labor

Despite American criticism of forced or coerced labor in other countries, a similar trend is occurring among incarcerated Americans, with prisoners having to work for less than a dollar a day.

McDonald’s Budget Plan Leaves Out Critical Line: Corporate Welfare

mcdonalds and minimum wage

Peter S. Goodman believes raising the minimum wage would be a jolt of stimulus benefiting everyone — because otherwise minimum wage earners need government assistance just to survive.

Walmart Security Accuses Father of Kidnapping His Own Biracial Children


A Virginia man was accused of kidnapping his own children last week because, according to Walmart security, a white man with biracial children just didn’t “match up.”

OPEN THREAD: Could Naked Pictures of Your Kids Be Mistaken For Pornography?

by Matt Cunnelly

How hard is it to determine what is an “innocent” family memory and what is actual child pornography?

What Does the Future Look Like for the Man Responsible for the Death of Osama bin Laden?

future (400x300)

The Navy SEAL responsible for the death of Osama bin Laden, one of the “most decorated combat veterans of our age,” will receive virtually no assistance transitioning into civilian life.