9 Ways We Can Truly Save Christmas (Once and for All)

So here we go, ace! Here are some real world, multi-partisan, trans-denominational, hyper-humanistic suggestions and quick fixes that would ameliorate, alter, and save the greatest retail seasonal day ever (while possibly generating a cavalcade of new traditions and TV specials).

A Dad’s War on Krampus

Jeremy Barnes, AKA, Thirsty Daddy, has noticed a lot of wars being declared this holiday season. He has started one of his own. The War on Krampus. He explains.

The War on Christmas Isn’t a War. Or a Thing.

Mike Reynolds digs deep into the fabricated war, and tells us what is behind the phrase “Happy Holidays.”

The Anti-Christmas Movie of the Year—UNCLE NICK Trailer debuts!

Alex Yarde previews UNCLE NICK a raucous holiday comedy of inappropriate behavior, interrupted trysts, & monumental over serving of ten-cent beers!

The False Conflict of Starbucks and the Red Cups

Halloween is barely over, and we’re sparring about this ongoing, fictional “War on Christmas” because of the color of Starbucks cups. Is this real life?

Dear Christians: Shouting About Starbucks Cups Is Not Helping

Pastor John Pavlovitz: “When did the words ‘Merry Christmas’ become a gotcha moment?”

Holiday Wars? Sorry, You’ve Been Duped

Whatever happened love, joy, and good cheer?

A Christmas Cluster

Christmas becomes less about the rituals when your life changes out from under you.

Dear Christians: Relax. There’s No War On Our Faith

I expect that at the heart of most such exchanges is a fear of the loss of Christian cultural hegemony. After all, making room for a greater plurality of views not only doesn’t threaten our own beliefs; it also presents an opportunity to understand the world in a broader, richer context if we’re open to it.

Does Gender-Neutral Play Really Equal A “War on Boys”?

Are the Swedes wrong to encourage gender equality by forcing boys to play with toys traditionally meant for girls?