Call It What It Is: The United States Tortures Human Beings


Rev. Neil O’Farrell asks: At what time did American civilization end?

Why Some War-Stressed Soldiers Cheat on Spouses


Iraq War veteran Michael Anthony discusses sex in the military and how the strains of war can lead to infidelity.

A Stay-At-Home Dad to Stay-At-Home Moms Everywhere: Let’s Call a Truce

photo by Graham Richardson

Contrary to popular belief, Chad Welch doesn’t want to be complemented just for meeting the minimal requirements of parenting either.

Four Other Presidents Who Weren’t Able To ‘Combat Russian Aggression’


The Kremlin’s hardline foreign policy is not a problem unique to Barack Obama.



Teresa Mei Chuc sheds light on the violence of war, reflecting on the pencil’s–and the missile’s–ability to both write history and erase it.

The Swift and Quiet Death of ‘Loyal Opposition’

lindsey graham

Here’s to wishing the Democratic opposition to Iraq took a page from Lindsey Graham’s playbook.

Every Son, Please Get Your Father To Watch This Video With You

Father where are you

Father where are you?

Are Video Games About War Hurting The Emotional Development Of Boys And Men? (Maybe They Don’t Have to)

Video Games

Some video game trivialize war and violence but it doesn’t have to be this way.

An Intimate Interview With a Man on the Front Lines of the Ukraine Crisis


This is not a movie. This is not a video game. This is real life.

If You Have Kids, This Ad Will Change Your View of War


A young girl’s life is turned upside down by the chaos and loss of war in a “one second a day” video.

Spend $20 on a Premium Membership. And See How Much You Get in Change.

photo by aturkus

We’re set on changing the negative stereotypes about men. Want to join us?

Sen. Lindsey Graham Compares Ukraine To, You Guessed It, Benghazi

Lindsay Graham

You have to admire his devotion.

What They Don’t Tell You About Your First Time Under Fire


Former Marine and present UN Field Security Officer, Dewaine Farria, shares his gripping insight into courage—told through the experience of his first time under fire.

Welcome To The New Cold War


Russia’s invasion of Crimea is a new chapter in American-Russian relations, and the same old story for former Soviet republics.

What’s Going on With U.S. Veterans 2014? (Infographic)


Discover some of the issues facing today’s veterans in this easily shareable infographic.

‘The Monuments Men’: Is Art Worth Dying For?


Clooney’s film focuses on a different kind of war tragedy, and its central question is just as valid during peacetime.