Why the British Air Show Disaster Tells Us it’s Time to Think Differently About War

British Air Show

In the wake of a crash at a British Air Show, Glen Poole wonders about our human propensity to go to war, and the ways in which men have been creating evermore inventive ways both to kill people and save people’s lives.

How a Pacifist Teacher Prepares His Students for War

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Endless occupations, big government, the imperial theme, and teen soldiers—not easy topics for high schoolers. Teacher Jeremy McKeen shares his wish for his grown up students off at war. — “Go and teach Jeremy how to play with G.I. Joes,” I remember a relative saying to one of my older cousins when I was six. I had […]

How Photographers Change The Way You Feel About War


Is risking your life for the perfect photo worth it? This video post takes a look.

The Forgotten Story of American Writers on the Frontline of World War I

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Henry James renounced his American citizenship in 1915 in response to his country’s inaction.



Helen Wing’s poem is bleak, but probably accurate.

It’s Not Just the Confederate Flag

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When you’re a young person trying to establish your identity, Southern pride offers an easy one. It’s all put together, like any religion or nationalist system.

Don’t Get Buried Alive by Negativity: Staying Positive in a Dangerous World


Jed Diamond looks at alternatives to negativity when life throws the biggest curveballs.

John Wayne And WWII


Was John Wayne a coward? Rich Monetti has a look.

The Guy On My Couch

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My brother after the military.

2 Ways We Need to Redefine Masculinity in American Foreign Policy


American foreign policy has long been governed by ideas of masculinity. Now it’s time to evaluate what that has meant for our nation – and how we should redefine “masculinity” in the future.

Sons of War: The Hidden Story Behind Brotherhood


Two survivors of the war between Iraq and Iran were separated in the chaos by enemy lines, but were reunited more than twenty years later.

A Once Forgotten Iraq Stills Echoes


Having worked in Baghdad for the Constitutional Support Program, Sara Johnson-Steffey reflects on a moment in time while wondering – did we forget about Iraq? — I sometimes find myself remembering the sounds of Iraq. The call to prayer, five times daily, piercing the haze of the air, a tinny shriek of bad amplifiers resounding […]

War. What Is It Good For? Still Absolutely Nothing.

War Huh What Is It Good For Photo by Aheram

Marines who fought at the battle for Fallujah are now wondering if they fought in vain. Which prompts Michael Kasdan to seek an answer to the question of what war is really good for.

When Does a War Truly End?


Thomas Pluck believes that wars battle on until everyone touched by them is dead. And on and on they go.

The Breech


Sean Davis gives a haunting first-person account of the inhumanity (and the humanity) of war.

My Father, Ft. Bragg 1966


John Tinseth looks back at his father’s odd A-Team going into Vietnam.