What Does it Really Mean to be Aware of Mental Health?

For many men, it feels especially uncomfortable to discuss mental health and mental illness openly.

Destigmatizing Eating Disorders in Men and Boys

Why men aren’t the focus of our conversation about eating disorders, but should be.

Dating Warning Signs: When Seeking A Partner, Don’t Be Dumb

Don’t make the mistake of thinking these signs don’t matter or that your partner will change.

The Forgotten Value Of Commitment

Commitment is not the act of losing your freedom; but exercising it to choose who you want to give your most valuable gifts to.

The Real Reason Nice Guys Finish Last

You’re gonna have to do more than be nice to get the girl.

Why Didn’t I Leave an Emotionally Abusive Relationship? I Didn’t Know It Was Abusive.

It was only after David L left his relationship of thirteen years that he realized he had been emotionally abused during that time.

Psychological Abuse is the First Warning: Run, Get Out

A checklist of signs of psychological abuse as well as a list of the effects psychological abuse can have on the victim.

Abuse is Abuse: Domestic Violence Against Men

Recognizing domestic violence against men is not easy, but it is urgently necessary.

Warning Signs of Abuse vs. Normal Sexual Behavior

Author Jayneen Sanders lists which behaviors are potential warning signs that a child may be being sexually abused… and just as importantly, which ones aren’t.

How to Check Your Skin for Skin Cancer

Learn to examine your largest organ for five signs of cancer.

No One Saw a Thing

Jeffrey Wallace wants to know why he kept missing the red flags of being a parent.

Suicide Shatters

Suicide shatters the lives of everyone around its victim.

“I’ve known three guys personally that followed through with their suicides and they sure as heck never let anyone know.”

This comment was from Tom B. on the post “Close Call: My Brush with Suicide” by Tim Pylypiuk

How to Spot A Sex-Offender 101 Revisited

After a five year field study, MBCowan returns to say he know how pedophiles think, what they do, and how to stop them.