I Seem to Have Misplaced My Lawn


Warren Blumenfeld has a winter mystery to solve. Maybe his furry friends can help.

We Are “Carefully Taught” to Hate


Nobody is born with hate in their heart.

Negotiating for Cessation of Persecution of LGBT People in Iran


It’s no secret, the LGBT community faces adversity world-wide. Not the least of which places, Iran.

So, a Jewish Man Walked Around Paris for 10 hours


…and all he got was this lousy treatment.

Dear Rudy Giuliani Re: Characterization of Obama


Warren Blumenfeld calls out Rudy Giuliani on his recent statements about President Obama.

Acknowledging the Racism that Saturates Our Nation


Mayor de Blasio kicks off a a battle with NYPD over “The Talk” and Warren Blumenfeld sees a perfect chance to have a similar “Talk” with the nation.

Trans* People Murdered for Truth Telling


What happens when you courageously call into question the social myth of gender roles?

God Orders Us To Kill the Infidels


“Oh my name it is nothin’ / My age it means less / The country I come from / Is called the Midwest / I’s taught and brought up there / The laws to abide / And that land that I live in / Has God on its side.” — Bob Dylan

Church of Latter-day Saints


Way too little, far too late

Going Beyond Exxon Mobil Corp.’s Non-Discrimination Updates


Can everyone have equal access and equal distribution of rights?

Steve King’s Brand of “Freedom”

New Congress

Only for people like Steve King

In the Name of God


New Hope Ministries offers no hope at all.

Blasting Away Black Faces and Lives


North Miami Beach Police Department proves structural racism is most definitely a thing.

Catholic Therapy, or Sexuality and Gender Abuse?

Catholic Therapy

The church dictates the norm for identity and sexuality while upholding the norm to the point of abuse.

Cruel & Tyrannical Christian “Conversion Therapies”


We always fear what we don’t understand. They took their fear too far, and claimed God was on their side.

Police and Protesters as Potential Allies

police and protestors

Are we witnessing an intra-class conflict that serves the wealthy ruling class?