When To Unleash The Warrior Throughout The World?


When is war justified on the part of nations in this world? What are the “red lines” that the world needs to enforce? How to be Warriors for good rather than Warriors for ill?

Are You a Narcissist?

Are You a Narcissist Michael Ellis

If you think you may have narcissistic tendencies, says Michael Ellis, the first thing to do, surprisingly, is look in the mirror.

Why Nancy Grace is Terrible


N.C. Harrison examines Nancy Grace’s sensationalistic coverage of a recent tragedy.

Requiem for a Warrior


“Jim Hellwig died years ago. He died so the Warrior could live.” Dan Friedman looks at the complexities of the man that didn’t just create a wrestling character, but lived the life of one.

Where Are Our Warriors for the Environment?

eco warrior II by flickrfavorites

Eco-defenders don’t care about gender. What matters to them is simple: survival.

A Short History of the Eco-warrior

Tree Hugger 2 by Tar Sands Blockade

Why do good guys hug trees? From Thoreau to the Green Scare, a continuity of ideology for direct action environmental protection and defense.

6 Gifts a Man Deserves to Give Himself


A gift to better the man you are may help you to continue gifting your best self to those around you.

My Manly Horoscope: Outrageous, Inscrutable, Irrepressible Joy, With Just a Dash of Meekness


As Rob Brezsny notes, the typical “male” qualities of ferocity and courage are not among the four qualities of the warrior. Nor is brashness, overbearing strength, or the alpha cockiness that sometimes substitutes for leadership.

Death of a Brother. Death of a Warrior.

Red tailed hawk photo by open content

Jamie Gilroy goest to pay his final respects to an old friend and finds himself frozen in time.

Call for Submissions: War & Veterans

Veterans Memorial

We are proud to announce the beginning of a new War & Veterans section.

40 Years of the Post-Violence Man


Dale Thomas Vaughn responds to the question: “What Does It Mean to be a Man in 2013?”

Welcome to new Men’s Work Column—We’re Looking for People to Write About Men’s Work

photo by extra zebra

The Good Men Project announces Men’s Work column edited by Tim O’Connor. We’re looking for contributors.

The Four Types of Men: Part I – The Warrior

The Warrior

Josh Bowman talks about The Warrior: a classic archetype of masculinity. This is the tough guy, the stoic soldier, the fierce competitor. But it isn’t all of us.

Let’s Go to Thailand

Hong Kong sunset

Atalwin flies to Thailand to study with a warrior: a former Thai boxer who became a Buddhist monk.

The “Man Code” and Pillars of Steel


Friendships between men are the true spiritual and structural pillars of our lives. Earl Hipp reviews Brian Plachta’s book, Pillars of Steel.

A Call to the Sacred Masculine: Ten Daring Invitations From the Divine Feminine

goddess statue

If I am going act like a goddess, I want a man who acts like a god.