The Top 5 Reasons To Watch the NBA Finals


The NBA Finals are upon us and it should be a doozy. Jordan Santos previews Golden State vs. Cleveland with his top five reasons to watch.

A Warrior Makes His Sister’s Wedding, and Her Day

Home for Wedding

Warriors put their lives in harms way and sacrifice themselves for us all. Moments of grace such as these make life so much better.

Where are the Real Warriors?


Where are these warriors today? They’re awakening the great calling we all have within us, not by speeches or sermons, but by living in a manner that transforms the world within others.

Blood Lessons: Stepping Into the Ring and Pushing Back Against Life


Martial artist, coach, and award-winning war correspondent, Shawn Rhodes shares what he’s learned from his years on the mat.

The Sound It Makes When It Takes A Man’s Life


Award-winning war correspondent Shawn Rhodes shares what warriors taught him about men, fear and freedom.

This Is My Father’s Father’s Father’s Land – A Photographic Essay

awa, survival international, brasil, rainforest, africa, social justice, environment, rainforest, neil hill, warriors, men, nature, indigenous people,

10 real male warriors and what they can tell us about our lives.

Unsung Heroes and Warriors

engineers at work-by Seattle Municipal Archives-Flickr

One of the joys of the workplace, is the fact that every single day, we see people we would not see otherwise.

Drone King

drone missiles, drone strikes, unmanned drones, military technology, war ethics

Drone technology that preserves the lives of American soldiers may come at a price to American civilians.

Mentored Boys or Monster Boys

men, young men, boys, rite of passage, male retreat, young men's retreat

“In the absence of elders, the impetuosity of youth becomes the slow death of the community.” Jed Diamond takes his grandson on a rite of passage.

How to Become a Warrior

guys who wrote the book on war, Carl von Clausewitz, Sun Tzu, warriors, military genius, leadership, sensitivity, courage, male toughness

The warrior is sensitive enough to discern truth, and has the courage to stand up for it.

What’s Your Fight? 10/6


What gets you out of bed in the morning? What has been or is your life’s greatest battle?

Games: NBA 2K12 Brings Legends To Your Game

From Jordan to Bill Russell, some of the game’s greatests come to the game in your home.