The Impersonal Politics of the Guy Fawkes Mask

Anonymous has proven its heterogeneity in springing into action to redress a vast repertoire of perceived injustice.

The Glory and Burden of ‘Promposals’

It’s not that these teenagers’ epic prom-proposals aren’t romantic. But is this just too much pressure for a kid?

Rethinking Your Hatred of the Elf on the Shelf: Christmas Has a Long Tradition of Being a Little Creepy

The Elf on the Shelf—creepy or not creepy? Kelly McQuain thinks not.

A Fun Productive Way to Best Neo-Nazis

A small German town came up with a brilliant, peaceful and fun way to have neo-Nazis raise money against neo-Nazis.

I’m an American Citizen. If You Want to Remain a Cop, Don’t Violate My Human Rights.

Larry Womack replies to the Washington Post editorial of a cop, who said, “if you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me.”

How to Fit 100 Kindergarteners in a Single Room

Dr. Emery Petchauer insists that this is educational malpractice and should stop immediately.

Being Married Doesn’t Protect People From Violence

Russell Love counters the idea that women and children are safe from sexual violence in a married family.

George Will: Championing Male Paranoia, Ignorance, and the Status Quo

Roger Canaff refuses to accept George Will’s attempts to use one anecdote to dismiss the reality of every male or female survivor of sexual violence.

A Continual Act of Coming Out

An etiquette advice columnist who offers guidance about ways to reveal family secrets comes out of his own dark and scary closet in which he lived for fifty years

Call It What It Is: The United States Tortures Human Beings

Rev. Neil O’Farrell asks: At what time did American civilization end?

A Lesson in Figure Skating and Black Men

Adam Dyer knows full well what it’s like to be a black guy obsessed with figure skating.

Does Fast Food Make Slow Mummies?

Why moderation and brown goop smoothies aren’t enough to fend off a mummy attack.

Why Banning Transfats is Confusing

Why pick those 7,000 lives to save?

Six Things I’ve Learned from the Syria Crisis

Robert Burke Warren participated in the collective sigh of relief that came from the decision not to go to war with Syria. And have we learned anything from the crisis? Well, yes.

A Presidential Address, a Father’s Prayer

Kyle Wiley hopes for one thing for his family: Freedom from fear.

Sexual Activity Between Teachers and Students is a Profound Ethical Violation

MaleSurvivor Executive Director Christopher Anderson addresses Betsy Karasik’s Washington Post OpEd suggesting sex with underage teens should be legal.