Call It What It Is: The United States Tortures Human Beings


Rev. Neil O’Farrell asks: At what time did American civilization end?

A Lesson in Figure Skating and Black Men

Adam Dyer Squaw Valley

Adam Dyer knows full well what it’s like to be a black guy obsessed with figure skating.

Does Fast Food Make Slow Mummies?


Why moderation and brown goop smoothies aren’t enough to fend off a mummy attack.

Why Banning Transfats is Confusing

trans fats

Why pick those 7,000 lives to save?

Six Things I’ve Learned from the Syria Crisis

Allah Protects Syria Photo by Bertil Videt

Robert Burke Warren participated in the collective sigh of relief that came from the decision not to go to war with Syria. And have we learned anything from the crisis? Well, yes.

A Presidential Address, a Father’s Prayer

Norman Rockwell Freedom From Fear

Kyle Wiley hopes for one thing for his family: Freedom from fear.

Sexual Activity Between Teachers and Students is a Profound Ethical Violation

male survivor graphic

MaleSurvivor Executive Director Christopher Anderson addresses Betsy Karasik’s Washington Post OpEd suggesting sex with underage teens should be legal.

Washington Post Runs a Piece Arguing Teachers Shouldn’t Be Jailed for Sex With Underage Students


The piece ignores one of the primary reasons why sex between an adult teacher and an underage student is a crime — the tremendous power gulf between the two parties.

US to Return Two Guantanamo Detainees to Algeria

guantanamo hunger striker

Is this the beginning of the end for Guantanamo?

BREAKING NEWS: Bradley Manning Verdict Announced


Bradley Manning found not guilty on charge of aiding the enemy.

Reports Seem to Indicate the US Prison Population is Declining

Prison_GMP (588x353)

It is happening slowly, but the prison population in the US is steadily declining.

Startup America Needs to Look More Like America

men of color, startups, startups of color, people of color in tech, diversifying tech, Kalimah Priforce, education, technology,

Kalimah Priforce wonders: where are the startups of color?

Mississippi Supreme Court Denies Death Row Inmate DNA Testing of Evidence


According to Andrew Cohen of the Atlantic, “the specters of racial bias, a faulty confession and untested scientific evidence have haunted this case.”

Final Reflections on the Week That Was


Liam Day offers his final thoughts on last week’s terrible events and our responsibility to not just remember them, but to understand them in all their complexity.

NEWSER: Boston Library Fire May be Unrelated to Bombs

boston marathon

Earlier reports that the fire which broke out at Boston’s JFK presidential library was connected to the bombing in Boston this afternoon may have been “premature.”

Senate Votes to Allow Debate on Gun Control Bill

gun control

The bipartisan gun control bill passed its first hurdle, but the fight is just beginning.