Podcast – Winning/Losing and Special Guest John Salley

This week we talk about winning and losing and the lessons learned from competing, while interviewing John Salley.

Water Shortage Could Cost Countries up to 6% of Their GDP by 2050

Water is critical to agricultural production, and its depletion will have significant impacts on economic growth. Can optimize water use with better planning and incentives?

Severe Water Scarcity is a Reality for too Many

Water scarcity is only getting worse. So what can we do to fix it?

Excerpt from “Water es Vida”

What’s in your water?

Save Tons (Massive Gallons?) of Water With One Small Change

A small change to your daily routine could help save tons of water.

Another Small Step to Save Massive Gallons of Water!

Who is your biggest water offender? It might not be what you think.

Ping Pong with a Water Ball, in Space!

Because everything is more entertaining in space.

The (in)Convenience of Water Heaters

Convenient isn’t always best, especially when it equals waste.

The Drought Left Behind by My Father’s Death

Perhaps what I gained most from my father’s death was experiencing his humanity in real time. Not just as my dad. But as a man.

Stones and Stars

Kris Bigalk moves from the earthbound to the cosmic in this devastatingly beautiful lyric poem.

A New Way to Spend Summer by the Shore

Climate change might just bring the shore to the vacationers.

In a Time of Drought, a Call to Rethink Lawns

Americans love their lawns but are lawns good for America, particularly in drought-stricken areas? A look at our grassy love affair and what might be better alternatives.

Beauty in the Broken: A Lesson in Personal Loss

Erin Kelly reflects on the day her freedom was taken away due to a recent flood in her hometown.

An Artist’s Alternative to the Keystone Pipeline

Too much snow on one coast. Not enough water on the other. And an artist sees an opportunity.

‘Water Man of India’ Makes Rivers Flow Again

Revival of traditional rainwater harvesting has transformed the driest state in India, and could be used to combat the effects of climate change across the world.

Living off the Grid: Starting From Scratch (Part 4)

Finding a source of water for your off-grid homestead.