This is the Coolest Ad. Watch Spider-Man Meeting Spider-Baby (Video)

Coolest ad Ever. Evian Spider Baby

French water company Evian is famous for its baby commercials. The last one is memorable.

Unforgettable Video: One Girl, Two Men and a Global Movement for Water


A crazily inspiring 3 minute reminder–we all drink from one global well, we are made of water and a countdown to 3pm, March 22, 2014.

Is The World Running Out Of Water?

dry lake 2

Running out of water: The looming crisis and solutions to conserve our most precious resource.

My Wife and I Work for Food and Shelter

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How we stopped using our money and revitalized our marriage.

Eat Real Or Die: Can You Handle the Truth?

Old Man Eating

The Truth Shall Set You Free. And Keep You Alive.

The Slingshot: Bringing Fresh Water to Those in Need


Tweet Did you know that there are more than 783 million people world-wide who do not have access to clean water? Or that 37% don’t have access to sanitation facilities? — Inventor Dean Kamen, the man behind the Segway, has figured out a way to do something to change those numbers drastically. His recent invention, […]

What Your Body Wants You to Know: You Need to Drink More Water


We’ve all heard the “eight glasses of water a day” recommendation for years, but is that actually accurate?

How to Beat the 3 PM Slump

photo by gemsling

Feeling the mid-day lag? Don’t reach for another cup of coffee, try one of these pick-me-

Another Great Amherst Mind Lost: David Foster Wallace on “Water”


DFW gives an amazing graduation speech at Kenyon College shortly before taking his own life.

“Cancer, like life, is a game of inches.”


This is a comment by Joe on the post “Eating Sushi at Stoplights”.

Science: Making Salt Water Fresh With One Tiny Battery

New scientific developments could mean the difference between poverty and prosperity for some developing countries.

News: In Case You Missed It (from the October 10th @itskomplicated Webcast)

A summary of news items from our webcast It’s Komplicated on the Geekweek Network.

Technology: Raincoat That Purifies Rain For Drinking

Introducing a raincoat that catches and purifies water for you to drink

News: Word on the Tweets from July 3, 2011

When It’s Komplicated’s producer, Hannibal Tabu, contacted the actor on Twitter, he had this to say, “There’s a lot to look forward to. GL2 & JL, no need to dwell on that.” The actor has confirmed that he is signed for a Justice League movie, also. That’s the business!

Science: Why Exactly Do Fingers Get Wrinkly After Too Long In The Water?

One scientist has a hypothesis on why your fingers look like prunes if you stay in the water too long.

Ten things I've learned from taking showers

Tweet I used to hate showering when I was young. I think it’s because my parents used to run the shower at a really high temperature when I was sick, and force me to sit in the bathroom and breathe in the steam. Showering with another person is like being in a clown car. Somehow […]