Comment of the Day: ‘Toughness is an illusion, a mask we hide behind’

Real men show their emotions.

Stand On The Shoulders Of Others

Don’t be a leader who refuses to ask for help.

What Tinnitus is Teaching me About Recovery

Recovery can give you new music, but first you have to embrace your silence.

Male Abusers: When Strength is Just a Front for Fear

There’s enough blame to go around. But the real question is how we can support men to keep them from becoming abusive.

Top 5 Ways I Would Feel If I Were a Man

A psychotherapist imagines what it’s like to walk in a man’s shoes.

Hockey Fights – I Don’t Need ‘em

Watching hockey, and here I am thinking that fighting adds nothing to the game.

Why Being ‘Spiritual’ Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Masculinity

It turns out, being spiritual is a very desirable trait that goes hand in hand with masculinity.

7 Ways to Have a Lifelong Bromance With Your Best Buddy

It took some work, but we went from fighting to best friends.

AUDIO: The Power of Surrender

Surrendering to “what is” can be one of the most courageous acts a human being can choose to do—here’s why…

How Guys Can Find Power in Weakness

Has a time when you felt weak led to growth and strength?

Our Strength To Endure Is Immeasurable

Just when you think you can’t go on, you do.

Cowards Don’t Cry

Screw the cultural cowardice you’ve been fed. Cry if you feel like crying.

Overcoming Fear And Letting Love Win

Waking up to the power of fear can be liberating if one chooses to see fear for what it is and what it is not. Either way, the choice involves recognizing the difference between light and dark, fear and love, authentic and false.

False Bravado

Lisa Gastaldo has been telling lies, and here’s why.

Here’s How Showing Weakness Can Make You Stronger

Can you admit to your coworkers when you don’t know something?

The Man Secret

Thomas Fiffer reveals the secret that most men won’t admit to their partners.