US Laws Protect Police, While Endangering Civilians

Who is being protected in America? Paul Hirschfield looks at the truth of police violence in America.

Why do American Cops Kill so Many Compared to European Cops?

Deadly force. Unacceptable, unnecessary, deadly force.

The Crucial Piece to Building Relationships That Last

There’s a seldom-discussed trick to building relationships that last. They’re called “bids” and they’re a couple’s secret weapon against waning love.

Buying Ivory Trinkets Causes Extinction And Funds Terrorism

Trading in endangered species is the fourth largest illegal business in the world, behind drugs, weapons and human trafficking. Stop buying these products now.

Men, Women and the Glorification of War

Melissa Holbrook Pierson’s 14 year-old son is obsessed with guns and war, and she wonders what it all means.

A Murder of Crows or Boys Will Be Boys?

The goal is simple–kill as many crows as possible.

Four Parenting Skills I’m Better at Than I Thought I’d Be

Chris Illuminati identifies a few essential aspects of being a dad where he’s exceeding his own expectations.

“I’m a liberal in many ways…I am a six year Army vet and have guns.”

This comment was by Hank Vandenburgh on the post “A Liberal and a Gun Nut Walk Into a Blog.”

The Function of Adrenalin in Boys’ Rites of Passage

The young generation can be a threat to the status quo, or an energy source that needs direction, depending on how we meet the challenge.

Gun Dreams

In our fantasies, a gun ends all arguments in our favor.

Toy Soldiers, Real Guns

Poet Robert Peake asks us to look at war, nihilism and love to start the healing.

Middle-Aged Guy Sports

Sometimes getting old feels like one long stupid human trick.

“As a sibling of someone diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, I wonder if James Holmes is bipolar too.”

This is a comment by Sister of Bipolar Brother on the post “The Evil That Men Do—James Holmes, Aurora Colorado and Mental Illness”.

Teaching Boys To Blur The Line Between Good and Evil

How do boys learn the difference between being “tamed”, being a good man, between doing evil, and getting what they want?

News: In Case You Missed It … (our November 6th webcast)

A summary of news items from our webcast It’s Komplicated on the Geekweek Network.

The 10 at 10

Grandma tried to kill a man, don’t fly the red-eye to D.C., and scientists make mice gay.