Tumbleweed Tornado? Yes, a Tumbleweed Tornado

As weather phenomena go, this “tumbleweed tornado” in Albuquerque might just be the most whimsical.

Question of the Day: What was Your Biggest Wind?

April 12 is National Big Wind Day to commemorate the recording of the highest natural wind gust measured on the Earth’s surface.

An Old Friend

Reconnecting with nature helped Todd Hannula breathe new life into his daily routine.

What’s More Deadly, Hot or Cold Weather?

Believe it or not, more deaths are attributed to colder temperatures than warmer ones.

Crazy Activities to Consider This Memorial Day Weekend….

A video montage of insane and inspiring stunts to help kickstart your summer fun this long-holiday weekend

Can 2 Inches Make a Difference?

Spring may be just around the corner, but Boston is only two inches shy of setting a record.

3 Ways To Turn Cabin Fever Into Couples Therapy

If the weather has you cooped up with your partner, here’s how to cope and bond instead of snap and split.

In Praise of Snow and Anarchy

Why it’s good when the city shuts down.

It’s Too, Darn Hot

Who says guys can’t think on their feet? Watch the Fox 10 weatherman’s improvisational feat.

Ozone Hole Closing for the Year

…but full recovery is decades away.

The Taoist Weather Report: Pop Goes the Ego

This episode discusses what can happen when we remember to let go of our infatuation with ourselves and see things in a more integrated way.

Giants Stood Astride My Crossing: My Solo Navigation Around the UK

Jonathan Footerman continues his journey in his 21-foot-mini-yacht, Elektra, after trading in a cushy office job to become a yachtsman.

Hot July

Carl Bosch is in New York City in a summertime swelter, and it’s not fun. And then, suddenly, it is.

“I’m a liberal in many ways…I am a six year Army vet and have guns.”

This comment was by Hank Vandenburgh on the post “A Liberal and a Gun Nut Walk Into a Blog.”

Winter Done Broke Me Again

December is barely manageable, but February … February is the bully of winter.

Learning to Move

Ben Dumas reflects on his college experiences and what they’ve taught him about finding happiness through periods of depression