Ten (Again) Clichés Christians Should Avoid Saying

If you’re a Christian and you’re ‘just sayin’ these…just don’t.

Unhelpful Things People Say When You Have Lost a Loved One

While it’s true that no words are adequate for someone who has lost the love of his life, here are some phrases you want to avoid.

Five New Christian Cliches to Avoid

I was amazed by the popularity of the first lists of Christian clichés I created. I think it was because so many Christians saw themselves somewhere in the list and others have been on the receiving end of these clichés, and they resonated with my frustration in hearing them pretty much my entire life.

Nine (Final) Christian Cliches to Avoid

Nine final(?) cliches to strike from the Christian lexicon.

Ten Cliches Christians Should Stop Saying

Ten things Christians say a lot, but shouldn’t.