The “It” That Men Don’t Get


James Rigdon’s given it a lot of thought, and he’s come up with the missing “it”.

The Forgotten Value Of Commitment


Commitment is not the act of losing your freedom; but exercising it to choose who you want to give your most valuable gifts to.

3 Secrets to Doing What You Want and Keeping Her Happy

guys goofing off

For the guys: Do more of what you want, reduce the drama and relish your relationship.

The Real Reason Nice Guys Finish Last


You’re gonna have to do more than be nice to get the girl.

10 Cliches Not to Say on a First Date


There’s of lot of advice for what to do on a first date. Eric Santos offers a list of “please don’ts”.

7 Things That Attract A Partner More Than Money And Cars


Jordan Gray says that drive, spontaneity, and vulnerability attract women more than money or flashy cars ever will.

The Myth of What Women Want


Dr. NerdLove debunks every myth you’ve ever read about what women want, and proposes a simple and effective alternative.

I Am a Gigolo


What’s life like for a guy getting paid to service women? Vin Armani, in his own words.

This is What Men Look Like When They Gawk at Women

This problem isn't unique to India, but it's definitely a place to start the conversation. -DP

Deena Kunapuli shared this story and video from India that needs to be talked about by men and women.

Baby, Can I Drive Your Car?


Alyssa Royse fell in love with her husband because of his beat up 30 year-old Subaru, not despite it.

50 Shades of What Women Really Want From Men

Hunnam, AP

Shasta Townsend explains that to most women, men are more than bank accounts, pretty faces or hot bodies.

Wanted: Awakened Warriors

man woman museum

Men may be getting mixed messages about what women want, but Ben Neal believes that if men truly give their all, they not only become what women want, but also get a more fulfilling life.

Confidence: Fake It ‘Til You Make It

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Doctor NerdLove insists that It’s not about swagger, attitude or making noise about how big and badass you are.

Lessons in Love and the Desires of Women


After a string of rejections, Andy Bodle searches through everything from books, to women’s magazines, to dating profiles to find out what women really want in a man.

Men, You Get To Have Your Feelings, Too


Being more stable and open with our feelings contributes to a better relationship. And a better self.

Show Me the Money

New Yorker's wallet

Andy Bodle believes he’s uncovered the real cause of the gender pay gap.