Be Yourself, Be Masculine, Be WYSIWYG

Ryan Hall wants you to be confident: “What You See Is What You Get.”

A Letter From Your Future Wife

Ever wonder what your future wife is thinking? Daniel Dowling has a letter from her that you need to read.

Ladies, Stop Expecting The Worst Of Men

Jordan Gray says that there are plenty of good men out there. And they’re easily found once you know how to find them.

I Know Where All the Good Men are Hanging Out

… And I’m going to tell you!

A Guide to Terrible First Dates

Looking to have an enjoyable first date? Then go out of your way to NOT do anything that Oliver Lee Bateman recommends in this article.

Red-Hot Monogamy

Monogamy isn’t just not sleeping with other people—it’s about doing everything you can to stay connected to your partner.

Tweeting for Good Men

We spent three hours on twitter searching for the words “good men.” What did we learn? That people are bat-shit crazy, and that everyone seems to be looking for a good man. Enjoy.


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