The Best Beer Whiskey Chocolate Covered Raisin Cocktail Ever!

What’s better than a chocolate covered raisin? A beer-whiskey-chocolate-covered-raisin cocktail, that’s what. — I’m not much of a chocolate covered raisin guy, but you put beer, whiskey, and chocolate covered raisins into a cocktail and I’ll drink it until I go into a beer-whiskey-chocolate-covered-raisin coma. (Oh, and that bit about not liking chocolate covered raisins, […]

10 Reasons I Love Jameson Irish Whiskey

Cameron Conaway used to occasionally ask for Jameson when he wanted whiskey. Now it’s his top choice. Here are a few reasons why.

Why Men in Skirts are Sexy and a Funny Video to Prove It

Lori Lothian reveals the real reason men in kilts are so hot. And it’s not about the knee socks.

The Art of Whiskey: Where Wood Talks to Spirits

Modernity and tradition collide to make Ireland—and Irish whiskey—delicious.

The Spirit of St. Patrick’s Day: The Keys to Life (and a Good Night Out)

Sometimes a visit to the pub is more than that. It’s a lesson in friendship, craftsmanship, and sincerity.

What’s Your Whiskey? A (Questionable) Guide

Jarad Dewing comments on the whiskey (and whiskey cocktail) suggestions of a well-known Las Vegas casino.

The Makeup of a Man

Jarad Dewing wears makeup sometimes. He doesn’t feel any less manly, so why is it such a big deal to others?

Maker’s Mark Broadens Target Audience for Their Whisky

Will watering down their whisky water down Maker’s Mark’s reputation? The premium whisky distiller becomes a case study in branding.

How to Mix a Highball

Whiskey and ginger ale, also known as a highball or a whiskey and ginger, is the perfect cocktail for cold winter nights.

“Society won’t let me have the sex I want, but Johnnie Walker will.”

This is a comment by Alyssa Royse on the post “Nice Guys Commit Rape Too”.

You’re So Vain, You Probably Wrote This Story About You

What if I told you that the stories you create are more about you than they are about anyone else?

Whiskey Sour (in Pictures) For Dear Ol’ Mom!

Learn to mix this classic cocktail for a classy individual in your life.

The Whiskey Rule

A lovely rule to make sure you make every meeting. I’m generally scatter-brained and disorganized, and, on rare occasions, I miss meetings. I also work with creative types, who are often scatter-brained and disorganized and, on rare occasions, miss meetings with me. Ned Dwyer of Native Digital, who probably deals with the same issues, came […]


Andy Hinds and his father share memories of Andy’s bootlegging, fist-fighting, cowboy grandfather, “Tex.”

The Curse of the Bastard Sons

“Nora did not tell her son many stories about his father. She preferred not to mention him at all, adhering to what she referred to as “the thumper principle” after the rabbit in Bambi: if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” By Emily Kiernan

An Honest Post About Masculinity

Masculinity and femininity are no longer two sides to the same coin, but rather the same side. John Dwyer thinks modern culture needs to stop defining genders by their differences.