Why The Woman You Love Should Want You, Not Need You

woman who wants you not needs you

You’re much better off finding a partner who is capable of saving herself.

I’m Sorry, But I Love You

male narcissists, low self esteem, pick up artists, dating

Andy Bodle goes for a gorgeous girl with low self esteem, and finds himself mysteriously outclassed by everyone.

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Embracing Destruction

using force, aggression, anger management, boys aggression, impulse control, ahimsa, violence, bystanders, Steubenville, sexual violence, fighting, boys fighting, confidence, taking action, men of action, masculinity, manhood, conflict, The Good Life, emotional intelligence

How do we learn to take decisive action?

The Uniform of Gender


Gender is like a uniform you can’t take off.

Why She Bought a Gun


After domestic violence ends in a murder-suicide on the police station steps, some women begin to protect themselves and their loved ones with deadly force.

How to Talk to Women Without Pissing Them Off


Express your opinions and give advice, but do it respectfully, says Dr. Christie Hartman.

Fatherhood and the Black Community


Tim Brown hopes he’s up for the challenge of a daughter’s braids someday, too.

Someone Else’s Protest


The children brought to rallies are on adult ground, holding signs made for them by other people. Are men with opinions on abortion actually on women’s ground?

Disney Masculinity

This is an extremely interesting video about masculinity in Disney films.