White Privilege (Conference), Resistance, & the Struggle for Truth & Liberation

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Minoritized people and our allies are coming together in greater numbers than ever before. We are pushing the boundaries unwilling any longer to accept the repressive status quo.

True Solidarity: Moving Past Privilege Guilt


Jamie Utt explains that if privilege guilt prevents us from acting against oppression, then it is simply another tool of oppression.

Problems With Privilege


The way we talk about privilege implies that if you drew the right card, your life is perfect.

This Infograph About Privilege Made My Day


Tweet  Robot Hugs explains privilege (and what to do about it) in an easy-to-understand way. I know, these privilege conversations can suck but we really need to have them. The idea is simple: there is an uneven power distribution that makes life easier for some of us (like me: a white cisgender-female), while making life […]

Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person

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Gina Crosley-Corcoran grew up in the type of poverty Americans like to pretend doesn’t exist, so it was hard for her to believe she had any privilege.

“It’s difficult to acknowledge white privilege because it’s admitting you’ve got cheat codes the rest of society doesn’t”

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This comment by RyanH on the post Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person

Be Honest With Yourself – How Racist Are You?

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Damian Davidson sits down and takes a good, honest look at himself. And he wants you to do the same.

Please Excuse Davontaye, He Suffers From Povertenza

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If “Affluenza” is real, then so is “Povertenza,” and our poorest youth need treatment too.

Does Privilege Make My Voice Illegitimate?

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Raoul Wieland tries to balance his natural-born privileges with his own sadness and feelings of being unmoored to any larger social issue.

Dominant Group Privilege: Contextual, Conditional, Intersectional


To fully understand privilege we must break through its hard outer shell.

Can White Privilege Be Used For Good? (Video)

Joy DeGruy

In this Cracking the Codes video Joy DeGruy explains how white folks can use their privilege to help halt racial inequality

“Orange is the New Black” Ventures into Privileged Territory


Netflix’s new prison dramedy tackles race relations, sexism and America’s dubious promise of social mobility.

How Men Can Fight Sexual Harassment


The better you understand how sexual harassment functions, the easier it is to work against it.

Trayvon, George, You and Me and Our American Problem

power concedes nothing without a demand

Ariel Chesler wonders “Why does it take death and tragedy for us to have these conversations about race in this country?”

Race in America: It’s Time for the Small Conversations, too


The most powerful way to oppose systemic racism? Just say hello.

Urban Camouflage

Urban Camouflage 2

Steven LaFond on coming to terms with white privilege — which gives him the ability to reinvent himself whenever he wants.