Confusion between “Diverse Opinions” and “Oppressive Characterizations”

Professor Warren Blumenfeld on Duck Dynasty, religion and the maintenance of heterosexual male hegemony, privilege, and power.

What the Duck: Justice or Lost Opportunity?

Warren Blumenfeld wishes we could talk about the deeper issues that Phil Robertson’s interview in GQ brings up, rather than jumping straight to his firing.

From the Bottom of the 47 Percent

Sean Davis came from the poorest of the poor, from the white-trash, from food stamps and toys made from boxes of government cheese—and he has a message for America.

White Trash Millionaire

I wanna be a white trash millionaire Ain’t got much and I don’t care Count your cash and kiss my ass This whole damn world gonna know I been here Black Stone Cherry           Last week I had my historical final post from Buffalo and today I bring you the probably-never-legendary […]

Dressing like a big leaguer

Marge Schott would be proud. Maybe you already heard about this and maybe you didn’t. Either way, I’m going to give you the short version. Cincinnati Reds pitcher Mike Leake was arrested on Monday after stealing six American Rag shirts from his local Macy’s. The shirts had a total value of $59.98.     While […]

Chair guy had a girlfriend?

That’s a shitty move bro.   I’m driving home from work on Wednesday and clicked on my favorite radio show, Shredd and Ragan on 103.3.  A few minutes after I turned them on, they started discussing someone they called Chair Guy.  You know who I’m talking about, right? If you don’t, the short version is […]

Tuna helper and other white trash food

If you wash it down with cigarettes and generic vodka, it’s white trash food.           I have great friends.  I tend to get some great inspiration from The Muse, but from time to time, my inspiration comes from elsewhere.  Like this post. My friend Liz inspired this post with her stories […]