Is the Daniele Watts Incident a Tempest in a Teapot?

Daniele Watts

We must demand the police “protect and serve” and respect us. We must also, cooperate and facilitate their very difficult job and respect them.

Philadelphia’s Decriminalization of Marijuana is the Model to Follow.

War on Drugs

It is high time for a drug policy grounded in science, compassion, economics and health and human rights

“Dosen’t it bother you that disrespectful behavior…gives idiot racist fuel for their hatred?”


This comment by Paul on the post I, Too Am Jordan Davis

“People ALWAYS assume she is the nanny…”


This Comment by Denise on the post 9 Things I Want to Say (But Don’t) to Your Curious Yet Racially-Charged Microaggressions Against Me & My Children

I Beg of You


Who are you mis-valuing?

Why I Wish Gay Churches Didn’t Have to Exist


What if our churches took Jesus seriously when he said to love one another just like he loves us?

A White Pastor’s Miracle in Trayvon Martin’s Church


Suffice it to say that she was easy to spot, being the only white face in the building, apart from the swarm of media, panting for a quote, just outside.

Online: The Hashtag #PaulaDeen TVShows Takes Over Twitter But Who Gets The Last Laugh?


The following represents a slur-free sampling of #PaulaDeenTVShows …

Is the “Harlem Shake” Racist? Harlem Reacts to the Internet Dance Craze (Video)


See what Harlem residents have to say about the internet’s latest meme.

“Unlike other groups of people, it’s pretty easy for a white person to use their skin privilege and brush off any stereotyping.”


This is a comment by Red Seven and J. Serens on the post “Yes, Black People Can Be Racist Too”.

The MLK That Never Gets Quoted: “Don’t Let Anybody Take Your Manhood”


“Move down into the inner resources of [your] own soul and sign with pen and ink of self-assertive manhood [your] own Emancipation Proclamation.”

“He’s white, authoritarian, and three for three on the Big G issues: God, guns, and gays.”


This is a comment by MikeH on the post “The Demise of the Far-Right Conservative White Guy“. MikeH said: “It’s actually not that hard to define a ‘far-right conservative white guy’ at all. “First, most easily, he’s white. Duh. “Second, he’s liable to score high on an assessment of his authoritarian tendencies. “Third, he’s three […]

“I attended a three-part diversity awareness workshop. It backfired.”


This is a comment wellokaythen by on the post “On The Definition of Oppression”.

“When white people are asked to talk about their racial identity and pride, all they have is shame.”


This is a comment by Justin Cascio on the post “The Difference between ‘white people’ and ‘White People'”.

How to Deal With Racism in an Interracial Relationship


Jimmy Jacob just wants us all to be with someone we love.

Opinion: If I Were A Wealthy White Superhero [@forbes @papadocabraxas @genemarks]

You don’t have to go all the way to for condescension and irony.