All Was Well, Then My Fiancee Got Cancer

How are we to reconcile this? I have no idea. But based on this experience, whether it’s weddings or well-being, it’s clear there’s so much that’s out of our control.

Comment of the Day: ‘She’s still the same person, but I just know a little more about her.’

One reader responds to a fellow man whose wife came out as a lesbian.

Why I’m Honest With My 9-Year-Old Son About Being an Addict

Norine Dworkin-McDaniel is a wife, mom, and businesswoman. She is also an addict. And she talks about her addiction with her son. Why? Because she doesn’t know how not to.

Hire A Babysitter. Now!

Father Time is a weekly column dedicated to the concept of time in a parent’s life, particularly a father’s life. The point of view comes from a father of two young sons, both under three-years-old, and how time really is just that: a concept. ◊♦◊ There we were: me, still puffy-faced from a week-long sinus […]

Why You Can Never Go Back to the Way It Was

Repeating the cycle is something that becomes a favorite past time for too many couples.

Depression: 5 Things Your Partner Needs You To Know

If your partner has depression, I can’t lie and say getting through it is going to be easy. But I’ve now got the gift of hindsight, and there are a few things I wish my wife had known from the start.

Guys, It Isn’t Too Late, Infidelitygate Can Be Avoided

The biggest threat to your relationship is living in your home; it’s you. Here’s how to defend your main asset against yourself.

Bloomingdale’s is Only Part of the Problem: We Share the Blame

Bloomingdale’s made a huge mistake with this ad, but we’re all complicit in allowing it to happen.

5 Ways to Drive Your Wife Wild

Romance and sex go hand in hand.

Spicing Up Your Relationship With Micro-vacations

Strapped for time? Want a holiday with your loved one? Steven Lake shows how less can be more with a micro-vacation.

7 Questions to Ask and Answer Before Deciding to Pop the Question

The rate that marriages don’t last these days is alarming. Before you decide you’re ready to buy that ring and ask your partner to marry you, ask and answer these seven questions first.

Is Chivalry Extinct or Is It Just Endangered?

The struggles of modern dating etiquette.

Everyone Lies. Do We All Hide “The Big One”?

“Although I am not naturally honest, I am so sometimes as chance.”-Shakespeare

Tending the Gaps

Lynn Marie Houston reveals how deeply a man’s sense of loss can cut, even when viewed from a distance.

Thoughts on Thoughts

Playful? Sinister? Or a little bit of both? Jeanie Greensfelder’s simple poem addresses the odd complexities of a marriage.

How Much Attention Should You Give Your Wife?

Does “emotional vampire” come to mind when you think of your wife’s need for attention? If so, Dr. Steve suggests you look in the mirror and see if there is a reflection.