Need Further Proof That We Shouldn’t Use Native Names and Images in Sports? Here It Is.

Joanna Schroeder explains the horrible and inevitable outcome of using Native images and names as mainstream team mascots, as displayed by an Alabama high school last weekend.

Mustache-a-Day: Colonel James P. Muri and our Veterans

This Veteran’s Day we celebrate both the heroes and the great mustaches.

Explore the 100,000 Stars Closest to Us with This Awesome Interactive Site (Link)

100,000 Stars gives users a chance to explore through the stellar neighborhood in one beautiful and interactive site.

Should We Sue Lance Armstrong for Inspiring Us With His Lies?

As two men file lawsuits against Lance Armstrong for lying in his books, Joanna Schroeder asks everybody to pause and reflect upon what Lance Armstrong has really given us—and taken away.

The Gilda’s Club Conclusion – The Terrifying Power of Social Media

I want to be crystal clear: I don’t want anybody to stop giving donations to the Wellness Community or to Gilda’s Club. I don’t want this organization to lose support. It was, after all, a place of solace for Gilda in her last years fighting ovarian cancer.

Formula 1 Driver Finds New Passion After Losing Both Legs

What do you do when you lose both legs while racing F1? You go on to win Gold in hand-cycling of course.

Ending Homophobia, One Brother at a Time

The key to ending homophobia might be to open the conversation and create safe spaces.

The Clitoris, Demystified

A man asks Eli and Josie for instructions on how to handle the world’s most mysterious sex organ.

10 Transcendent Olympic Moments

Sport, like art, has the ability to lift us out of our mundane lives. In that spirit, Liam Day offers 10 moments of transcendent Olympic moments.

Joss Whedon’s ‘Firefly’ to Return to TV

Okay, don’t get too excited… It’s just for a TV special marking the 10 year anniversary of Firefly. But for those of us who were fanatical about the Scifi-Western TV series, any morsel of the series Browncoats is like manna from heaven.

Black Men Left Out of Job Recovery – With Malice and Forethought

Thaddeus Howze gives an in-depth explanation of how Black men have been excluded from the jobs recovery in New York City.

Politwoops: Screen-Grabbing Politician’s Mistypes and Screw-Ups

Does catching the little fumbles on a politician’s Twitter account make the world a better place?

Gay Donors Back Obama

Actually, CNN’s headline was Gay Donors Back Obama Big Time. I love it that the vernacular we used as teens (that our parents would correct us about) is now a part of mainstream journalism…

JP Morgan Chase Loses $2 Billion – Here We Go Again

Mark Greene wonders: If JPMorgan Chase can lose $2 Billion in just a few weeks, is another collapse on the scale of 2008 banking disaster looming?

Culture: The Web Stands Still To Strike Back At SOPA

We’ve got all the information on who’s on strike to stand against the Draconian legislation supported by the RIAA and MPAA.