‘Suicide Squad’ A Group of Familiar Anti-Heroes

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  This band of villains are coming next year, here are some things you should know about them 2016 is going to be a big year for movies. They are releasing Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, X-men Apocalypse, Deadpool and many other big movies. But the one I am excited about is Suicide Squad. […]

‘Focus’ A Film Full of Suspense and Mystery

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A Movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the finale.

Teaching Kids to Live Their Dreams By Seeing Yours


Amanda Berry Spotlights Video On Dreams & Why Parents Should Live Theirs

Why Hollywood Would Make Way More Money If It Had Black Superheroes


A Caucasian writer makes a case for more Black superhero films.

My Girlfriend is White. And it’s Hip-Hop’s Fault.

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Hip-Hop broke down a lot of barriers. This may be one of the most important.

The Question Is…. What’s Your Biggest Movie Disappointment?

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Occasionally I might find myself shocked by how much I loved a movie I assumed I was merely going to like, but it’s pretty rare for me to walk out hating a movie I assumed I was going to love.

He Loves Rom-Coms, I Love Things That Go KaBOOM!


JJ Vincent knows they are not PC, but he loves movies with a plenty of bang for the buck.

The Disposability of Black Men

Black men listening to a lecture

Black men are brutally murdered and systematically incarcerated. Is this genocide?

My Boy Wants an Earring and I Don’t Want to Say No


Jay Palter is looking for some earring advice. For his son.

Force of Hobbit: Man-to-Man With Stunt Man Steven McMichael

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Savas Abadsidis chats with Stunt Coordinator Steven McMichael about his work in movies like Fantastic Four and X-Men, and learns how the 20 year movie veteran stays comfortable in his own skin.

The Obama Effect and Same-Sex Marriage Equality

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What are the biggest factors causing Black voters to support same-sex marriage?

Seeking a Male Anthem – 2nd Verse

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Andrew Smiler lists the nominees for a “Male Anthem” and asks readers to vote for your favorites.

The (Only) Five Black Men That Hollywood Thinks Exist


Your handy field guide to the ​almost half-dozen different black male characters in mainstream movies.

Smackeroo: Will Smith Kissed by Man, Smacks Guy in Face

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(Read this with the Direct TV commercial narrator’s voice) Don’t kiss Will Smith on the mouth.

Was Tupac Shakur a ‘Good Man’?

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Kaleb explores the complicated character of Tupac Shakur through his most famous songs.

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