Spilled Milk: Dishing Daphne

Daphne dishes

William Lucas Walker didn’t know he needed an intervention, but Daphne Dishes turned out to be his lifesaver.

But Who Is Mary? My Daughter Starts Catholic School


There were a few things William Lucas Walker had to explain to his non-Catholic daughter after sending her off to an all-girls Catholic school.

Stritch, One Man’s Memory of Elaine


William Lucas Walker remembers that voice. That delivery. That timing. And the woman who would not be ignored. A tribute to Elaine Stritch.

Scouting for My Son’s America

Scouting in america

William Lucas Walker tries to explain to his son why scouting is so cool and yet why, as a gay dad, he could never be a leader for his son’s troop.

My Daughter Contracted Instagram, And Boy Is It Contagious

selfie photo by sarah.vanquickelberge

William Lucas Walker finds a way to immunize his daughter against the virus’s negative effects.

Why Julie Andrews Is Better Than Ritalin


Does William Lucas Walker have ADD, or is this just fatherhood?

When Dads Cheat


Never open your mouth during a Flour War. And never, ever, cheat at Capture the Flag. William Lucas Walker learns some hard lessons at father-son camp.

The Man Who Loves Minivans. And the Veterans Who Needed One.

Toyota 100 Cars for Good showroom

Proud minivan driver William Lucas Walker tips his hat at an organization that is helping veterans with the Toyota Sienna they won in the 100 Cars for Good campaign.

Where I’ll Be Spending the Government Shutdown


With the US Federal Government down, William Lucas Walker needs to find a happy place. Behold: the 99¢ store.

In Case of Inferno, Evacuate


How do you face a wildfire? In William Lucas Walker’s case, with grace and a brownie recipe.

I’m a Terrible, Awful Parent


Does our childish behavior make us bad parents? William Lucas Walker shares a snapshot of his own experience.

5 Ways Gay Marriage Is Wrecking America (and Causing Global Warming)


William Lucas Walker was disappointed that attorney Charles Cooper couldn’t come up with a single adverse consequence to gay marriage. So he decided to help with a list of five.

It’s No Name-Calling Week… You Moron


William Lucas Walker recounts the cruelties he grew up with, and how he’s working to make sure his kids don’t have to do the same.

Brokeback Bethlehem


When you’re a parent, a Christmas miracle isn’t something you pray for—it’s something you pray you never need.

The Komeuppance of Karma Karl


“And speeking of rude I think for doing such a bad thing I think you shoudn’t be married. Ya that’s what feels like to be yeld that sentince right in your face.”

Strangers on a Train


William Lucas Walker talks about how four strangers on a train are changing grandparenting.