The Shatner Album That Is Actually Really Good

There are so many albums out there, it’s easy to miss some good ones. Here’s one you’ve got to listen to.

Get A Life, Will You People?

Coupled with Marcus Smart’s run-in with a Texas Tech fan, Liam Day says the backlash new Alabama linebacker Rashaan Evans faced from Auburn fans indicates that some of them just need to get lives.

Wizard World’s Sacramento Debut Promises Fanboy Fun

Traveling comic convention comes to Sacramento for first time March 7-9.

VIDEO: What Happens When Captain Kirk Tries to Deep Fry a Turkey

William Shatner dramatically retells his Thanksgiving cooking disasters and offers tips for people to stay safe when deep-frying their birds.

The 10 at 10

Tina Fey on cups of pee, Captain Kirk and astronauts, and a farewell to the founders of Jägermeister.