The Science of Saving Marriage—Paul Friedman’s Great Experiment

The Science of Saving Marriage by Mario

Love is everlasting, and hope springs eternal. But can marriage survive? Despite the odds, Paul Friedman, founder of The Marriage Foundation, vows to make marriage work.

How Churchill “Handled” a Potential Gay Scandal

winston churchill

JJ Vincent loves quotes attributed to Winston Churchill. This may be the best yet.

How to Nap

afternoon nap, sleep, men's health

Go ahead and nap: you’ll be in good company, and better health.

Letter to My New Grandson


Paul Sloane tells his grandson the meaning of life, in 2100 and beyond.

Shame and Violence: The Connecticut School Shooting and Hate


Tragedy comes from repressed shame, not from being too permissive with people.

Do Manly Things That Are Positive: Build Orphanages, Fight Injustice, Run Marathons for Charity

photo by USACEpublicaffairs

Chris Flux responds to the debate on ‘men being men again.’