I Shovel Snow to Support My Habit

I Shovel Snow by capturedmoment1

Brian Whitney is a recovering addict who loves to write. He shovels snow to pay the bills.

A Man In The Winter


Vic Sizemore follows his bliss and looks back on his life, recognizing his failures and successes —- happy that he at least tried.

Winter Steelheading: An Angler’s Guide


Randall Bonner, with tips and techniques for fishing for winter steelhead

Five Ways to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

stay warm

Low-tech DIY solutions to a cozy warm winter home

I Survived the Great Georgia Blizzard of 2014


Georgia native N.C. Harrison reflects on the brutal ice storms that brought life in his state to a screeching halt.

Seven Ways to Battle Against Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seven Ways to Battle Against Seasonal Affective Disorder

Stephen Litel offers practical tips on how to deal with seasonal depression during the long, cold winter

A Modern Indignity

Photo by Youssef Hanna

When David Perez was 11, he had two stated goals: to become president of the United States, and to meet his father. Thanks to LinkedIn, he’s halfway there.

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Holland Dairy Cows Released to Pasture After a Long Winter

Holland Cows

The title of this video is exactly what this is. No link-bait here. No April Fools joke, either.

The Value of Snow Shoveling

shoveling snow

When Bob Barsanti was his eldest son’s age, his adolescent ego was stoked by shoveling snow: a modern John Henry against the snowplow. That was then…

Winter Done Broke Me Again

New Hampshire highway in winter

December is barely manageable, but February … February is the bully of winter.

Coming Unhinged [A Poem About Old Love]

antique hinge

Wood planks joining steps to porch marry, like ‘a kind of same-sexed couple’ at the front of an ancient farmhouse.

Waiting for Spring: a Winter Fairy Tale


Jackie Summers presents a parable of seasonal change.

10 Books to Get You in the Holiday Spirit


Read these books to get in touch with the holidays in your heart.

Smoke in Your Eye


What I felt for her wasn’t love. It was more an addiction.

Healthy People Get the Flu Too: A Poem

man in bed

Gay people are getting married in Vermont and the world hasn’t ended.

The Kings Win the Cup!! Mine Runneth Over.

Screen Shot 2012-06-11 at 8.04.47 PM

Kenny Bodanis muses on the Kings’ win… And the league’s extra-long season.