How to Control Things Using Your Brain (and Open-Source Hardware)

Science is allowing us to do some amazing things. This video will blow your mind.

Hell Yeah, That Was Rape In Game of Thrones’ “Breaker of Chains”

Alexander Yarde is frustrated with the media encouraging rape culture with dangerous rape scenes that encourage the “but she really wanted it” way of thinking.

Spoiler Alert: It’s On You To Avoid Spoilers – Even For ‘The Walking Dead’

Joanna Schroeder was chastised for posting Walking Dead spoilers on Twitter after the show aired… And she’s none too pleased about it.

Jay Walker: Library of Human Imagination (TEDTalks VIDEO)

Jay Walker, who is both an entrepreneur and inventor, has also created a library devoted, as he says, “to the astonishing capabilities of the human imagination.”

DC Comics Reveals First Trans Character

This month’s “Batgirl #19” takes diversity to a whole new level.

Changing the Game of Venture Capital – With $37

Yahoo engineer Maciej Ceglowski wants to revolutionize the way we fund start-ups.

Top Five Timeless Toys for the Holidays

The world’s best children’s toys are remarkably cheap, resourceful, easy to maintain, and easy to find.

Sports Matter: Erik Malinowski

Erik Malinowski helps us try to figure out why sports are so important to so many men.

Obesity Is Contagious

It’s coming to get you!

Female Pheromone Turns Wimpy Male Squids Into Butt-Kicking Studs

If you’re a male squid, things can be tough. Lucky for you, Mother Nature’s got you covered.

Sexist Tech: A Tablet for ‘Young Housewives’

Italian design-house Alessi is introducing the Tab, a tablet computer designed to serve an apparently untapped market—young housewives looking for a product that will allow them to surf the net and do the dishes at the same time.

Money Buys Unhappiness

Being rich is only going to bum you out, according to a new study.