Withholding Sex: Covert Warfare in the Bedroom

A partner’s feelings of insecurity can lead to passive-aggressive behavior in the bedroom. Max Belkin offers a solution.

I Was Asking My Wife for a Vow of Celibacy

Pete Beisner’s lack of a sex drive almost cost him his marriage, but he couldn’t let his wife go without doing everything he could to win her back.

Has Obligation Become a Dirty Word?

It’s necessary to consider what we believe we’re obliged to do in our marriage, and what the consequences are when we fail.

Woman Divorces Husband for Withholding Sex

Woman ends her marriage of seventeen years when she finds it lacks passion.

Surprise? Men Are Reluctant to Write About Marriage

Guys, what’s the worst thing that can happen if we air our dirty laundry?

“Most think women ‘withholding’ sex must have a good reason, so everything starts with ‘men are wrong’.”

These are comments by FlyingKal and Dan on the post “The Truth about Porn and Relationships”.

Withholding Sex is Not a Joke

David Eagle thinks a recent Jack in the Box commercial featuring a woman withholding sex from her husband reinforces damaging stereotypes about gender and desire.

Misfiring the Sex Gun: A Response to Franchesca Warren

The issue I see here is that by writing about withholding, you are assigning blame to the partner who is being unresponsive without understanding what might be triggering that lack of response.

Would You Fall For A Sex Strike?

Joanna Schroeder wonders what we’re saying about men when we think a sex strike is the most effective means to changing legislation.