Bringing Your Relationship Back to Life With Resurrection Weekends

resurrection weekend

We’ve all heard of date nights, but Sue Nador and her husband came up with an even better idea for keeping the home fires burning.

86-Year-Old Widower Travels 100 Miles Every Month To Leave Flowers At Place He Met His Wife

widower flowers

Even after her death, one man’s commitment to his wife never ceases.

Four Tough Questions That Will Reboot Your Relationship

4 Tough Questions by walknboston

Jenny Glick wants to know: Can you handle the truth?

5 Ways Out of Your Sexual Sahara

Sexual Sahara photo by mtsrs

Relationship expert Jean Fitzpatrick knows that sex droughts happen. Here’s how to find your way out.

A Husband. A Pink Tutu. A Portrait of Marriage in Action.

Marriage in Action Video

Live. Laugh. Love. Bob Carey turns these words into real action and reminds us all of what marriage can be about.

10 Pro-Tips For Keeping Your Marriage Happy, In Spite Of In-Laws

Three's Company photo by aesedepece

Heather Gray doesn’t think your marriage has to resemble a sitcom scene. You all really can just get along.

There is No Ball and Chain: Changing How We Talk About Marriage

Fractures Lenses photo by Daniel Oines

You’ve heard all of the jokes about marriage. Heather Gray wants you to join her in changing the message.

But Honey, It’s The Super Bowl!


The author writes an open letter to any woman in America who doesn’t care about watching the 2014 Super Bowl. And why their men will be glued to the television anyway.

Who Wears the Pants in the Family?

pants, men, marriage,

Are the men who “wear the pants in the family” really just wearing the emperor’s new clothes?

1 Reason Why I Don’t Cheat

Trust, Marriage, cheating, why I don't cheat, faithful, honesty, trusting relationship, healthy relationship

The editor of the Good Men Project’s Marriage section explains why he doesn’t cheat.

20 Things I Have Learned From Marriage So Far

wedding photos-Katsunojiri-Flickr

From the need to get enough sleep to recognizing his own insecurities, Vaughan Granier shares 20 lessons he has learned from his marriage so far.

Hot Wife, Hot Life?

Good Men Project, Hot Wife Hot Life, Gender Stereotypes, Male Stereotype of Female Beauty, Female Beauty, Going Beyond Physical Attraction, Marriage Clichés, Lady Chatterly

There are a million things men love about their wives besides their beauty. Lady Chatterley encourages us to share those things here

5 Tips for Helping to Build ‘That’ Bridge


After 62 years and two marriages, Sprague Theobald teaches five lessons he’s learned from his time in the trenches of his relationships.

Is Your Perception of Your Husband Hurting or Helping Your Relationship?

solitary husband

Author Karen Jones gives you great advice to help you re-think everyday problems with your man.

Why Can’t Men Talk to Their Wives?

couple not talking

There are lots of reasons men have difficulty talking about their relationship. Here’s a few.

5 Things Your Husband Wishes You Knew (but Won’t Tell You)

5 Things pic.v2

Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin explores five unexpressed needs of married men