Wolf Conservation Center Cries Out for Better Understanding of the Wolf

Wolves are an important piece in Mother Nature’s puzzle .

My Sons are Not Animals, Stop Trying to Tame Them

Christine Walker, mom of sons, is frustrated by damaging and false messages that boys have uncontrollable, animalistic urges that need taming.

Letting Go Of Control Can Be The Healthiest Thing

This short film teaches us that nature knows best and that the wild and powerful spirit of the wolf has the power to heal as well as to kill.

What Does Shooting Wolves Have To Do With Rivers?

A Wisconsin teacher uses an essay about wolves to teach her students about empathy, environmentalism, and looking at all sides of a complex issue.

The Lie of Heroes: How Kerouac Almost Killed Me

By trying to follow in his literary hero’s footsteps, Jarad Dewing learned that not all heroes are what they seem.

The Black and White Wolf Within Each of Us

Which wolf will you feed?

The Lone Wolf

There is a tattoo indelibly inked on the young souls of boys in lone wolf training: Don’t trust men.