In Defense of Demisexuality

Obviously, I am obsessed with sex and the politics of sex. I spend large chunks of my day staring at arguments about sex, kink, and gender. Equally immoderate chunks of my night are spent writing about those things. Sometimes, I even have sex. I think it’s serious business. But I have a dark, secret heart […]

Womanist Musings on Black Men and Police

Womanist Musings discusses the relationship black children have with the police. I have written previously about why I disagree with schools teaching kids about officer friendly. To be clear, cops have a long history of targeting people of colour for arrests, violence and death.  What they may be willing to let go from a White […]

Quote of the Day

From a Womanist Musings post on raising a gender non-conforming son: What he is learning by this whole experience is that breaking the gender binary in any way comes with social discipline.  He knows that his home is a safe space, and that he can be who he wants to be, but acceptance has limits […]