That Guy Who Dances

There is something about that guy who dances.

How Your Favorite Weapon Disarms You

People having an argument

There is one defense that feels good in the moment, but is actually robbing you of your personal power.

How Photography Saved My Life After The Loss Of My Wife


 He lost the love of his life. Little did he realize how a hobby would help him heal.  —- Everyone experiences events over the course of life that alters not only their thinking but also future actions. Most remember with vivid detail watching the Twin Towers collapse in New York City. Those in their 50’s […]

Dear Dad: The One With the Truth About Childbirth


A pregnant mom worries about her partner’s first time in the birthing room and turns to ‘Dear Dad’ for advice on how to prepare him for the truth about childbirth. — Dear Dad,   I recently discovered your column and love your advice! I hope you can help me! I am 8 months pregnant and […]

The Boy She Would Have Been

abby byrd

Acting like and being treated “like a man” is almost always culturally prescriptive. Writer Abby Byrd confronts the boy she would have been — If I had been a boy, my parents would have named me “Jeremy.” Trying to imagine myself as the opposite gender is uncomfortable. It’s a mental chasing of my own tail; I […]

The Atlantic Monthly’s Defense of Disney’s Pocahontas is Indefensible


Native Americans often have to contend with depictions of themselves that serve others needs and desires. Debbie Reese responds to The Atlantic Monthly’s latest defense of that practice.

4 Words That Hurt Your Relationship


 Your words have the power to draw your relationship closer together or tear it apart.  — “I need my space.” However many times have you said that? Does this work? Over the years, I’m sure being together has been quite a journey. You’re used to each others idioms and quirks. You know when to back […]

Why The Men I Want to Date Don’t Care About My Income


Love, money, and what matters in dating. — Emma Johnson wrote a controversial article this week in; Why High-Earning Women Should Disclose Their Income on Dating Sites. Divorced and dating on OKCupid and, 38-year old Johnson is a wealthy woman who at first did not disclose her income on dating sites. After four […]

Happy Belated Father’s Day, Mom

single mom

After the death of his father, Brian Gawlak reflects on the father his single mother chose to be. — Last year was my first father’s day since my biological father passed away. I spent the day mourning less the loss of the human being whom I had little connection to, but more the loss of […]

Don’t Call Me Strong

Sad statue in snow

Being called strong was always a compliment, until I realized my version of strength was holding me back.

Let’s Do Something Different for Fathers’ Day


Jonathan Delavan urges both women and men to do something more meaningful for the men in their lives this year and into the future.

What I Learned From My Dad’s Depression


She had a complicated relationship with her father. He died four months ago.

Who Wears The Pants? Shouldn’t You Be Naked?

We joke about who wears the pants, but shouldn’t a relationship be about being naked with each other?

Five Don’ts to Help You Recover From a Toxic Marriage


The end of a marriage is rough, especially if the relationship was toxic. Here’s how to recover.

4 Signs Your Partner Isn’t Ready for a Relationship

4 Signs by Raphael Rousseau

Breakup expert Matt Shumate wants you to have a partner who’s hot for you. So he’s sharing the signs that her interest is lukewarm.

Honest Communication Doesn’t Hurt


Sometimes the truth hurts but is absolutely necessary.