Vulnerable Men: We’re Hot, We’re Sexy and—Believe It or Not Women—We’re Right Here


In relationships, does vulnerability matter? Joe Rutland offers insights about this question and the topic itself.

When She Uses Your Feelings as a Weapon


“Let her know how I feel? Are you crazy? The last time I did that, she threw it in my face the very next time we had an argument. I felt like a fool for letting my guard down with her.”

Gender Equality in the NFL Workplace? Welcome to 1914

Oakland Raiders v Miami Dolphins

Wai Sallas takes a look at the current state of gender equality in the NFL workplace and doesn’t like what he sees.

We Are All on the Same Team


We have to look passed labels, appearances and perceived identities.

Lulu Dating App Releases “Most Popular Men,” We Cry For Humanity

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 4.58.28 PM

Oh, here’s a brilliant newsflash: If we [women] don’t want to be objectified by men, we shouldn’t do it to them. Imagine that.

The Eight-Letter Word That Improves Sexual Intimacy

steamy kiss

Great sex improves your physical and emotional health as well as the health of your relationship. One often misunderstood word makes it happen.

Separating the Artist from Their Offensive Content


How do you reconcile your personal values with supporting artists whose content promotes a world you don’t want to be part of creating?

He Says ‘Marriage’. Then, He Says ‘Space’. Help!

mixed messages

Hilary Silver thinks that when the one you’re with is sending mixed messages, it’s time to get really honest with yourself.

Investigating Infidelity: An Examination Of Cheating Around The World


A new story about female detectives in India sniffing out cheating spouses demands proper context.

If Ms. Pretty and Mr. Banking CEO Sat Down to Talk

woman with money

Looks and money aren’t everything. In fact, they come in somewhere between second and last place.

An Open Letter to My Future Life Partner

couple walking

I haven’t met you yet, but I know we’ll have fiery sex, mutual respect, and a lot of laughter. And I love that about us.

She Cries, He Shuts Down. Why?

when she cries

Richard Gatley reminds us that men do feel emotions but often lack the training to express them.

I’m a Single Dad, Ready for Love: 3 Types of Women I’d Like to Meet


Serge Bielanko’s small list of qualifications for his next date.

5 Ways Parents Need to Pull It Together and Be the Grown-Ups


The kids are fine … it’s Mom & Dad who need some tough love!

Sorry Guys, Marriage Can’t Save You


The truth about using relationships to ‘fix’ yourself…

I’m the Mother. Not the Primary Caregiver Of My Children.


Lina Acosta Sandaal on how to share the load as parents.