A Shooting and Data From Two Dating Sites: What It All Says About The Identities of Men and Women

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Inside the Conversation at The Good Men Project.

I’m a Man With ‘Dad Bod’ and it Feels Great! Where’s the Love for ‘Mom Bod’?

mom bod

After embracing the ‘Dad Bod’ craze and how it made him feel, Scotty Schrier explores the importance and necessity of a ‘Mom Bod’ craze.

Five Reasons Why Losing Your Hair Isn’t a Big Deal

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Are you freaking out because your hair is falling out?

Somerset Maugham: Cakes and Ale

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This week Jesse Kornbluth is revisiting some of the culture that influenced him as I wrote “Married Sex.” Perhaps the greatest was Somerset Maugham, who was, for a time, the world’s highest paid writer. There was a good reason: He wrote in the first person, like someone talking to a friend. In “Cakes and Ale,” Maugham not only does that, he doesn’t condemn a woman for liking sex. Three cheers for all of that.

9 Tips For Loving The Man You’re With

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Do you really know how to love a man? The way he needs to be loved?

Behind the Badge: Are Guards Prepared to Rehabilitate Our Nation’s Prisoners?


How much are guards doing for the well-being of men and women behind bars? Brittni Brown examines the statistics.

3 Fleeting Moments that Lead to a Lasting Relationship


Long-term relationships don’t just happen. They’re consciously built, moment by moment.

Why We Need To Bring Back Crushes

I Am Loved

Why can’t adults have crushes? Matthew Rozsa explores this semantical question.

She’s Not Asking For Your Advances


It is time we pointed out the obvious and stopped blaming women for being sexually harassed.

Key & Peele Sing “Pirate Chantey,” a Tribute to the Women They’ve Loved


Respect, consent, and pirates who “don’t say booty unless we’re talkin’ about gold.”

The 4 Big Mistakes Men Consistently Make In Their Relationships

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How can we really want to be in relationship and yet make a mess of it?

Five “Romantic” Phrases That Can be Relationship Red Flags

Happy Couple

Are you mistaking glaring red flags for endearing compliments in your relationship?

7 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Being a Man — Edgar Wilson


What do boys need to hear in order to become men? Edgar Wilson reflects on the things he didn’t know as a boy, but now is cautious and aware of as a man.

Comment of the Day: “A woman should be able to open car doors for men or pull out a chair for men.”

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This comment of the day is by Aubri on the post “Yes, Chivalry and Equality CAN Co-Exist”.

Do Men Care About Women’s Wrinkles?

Do Men Care by Look Into My Eyes

Those lines around women’s eyes? The men August McLaughlin interviewed said, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

Online Dating Has Turned Us Into Unicorn Hunters

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While “hook-up culture” is getting a lot of attention, there are deeper problems with online dating. But it isn’t hopeless.