4 Brutal Truths You MUST Teach Your Son About Love


You are his best chance for true love.

The ‘It’ Factor When Meeting a Woman

man penetrating woman energetically

Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt believes women yearn to be find men who will be open to her in 3 ways.

Comment of the Day: ‘In dating, women get the advantage early, men get it later.’

double standards objectifciation

This conversation was between Freddie, Danny, Silke, and Trey on the comment thread of the post “7 Double Standards That Hurt Men (And Women)”. The double standard they are talking about is pictured above.

But Where Do Men Go From Here?

But where do men go now

“Men need to strive for authenticity, not femininity.” Inside the conversation at The Good Men Project

Overthinking: The Worst Thing a Man Can Do While Searching for Love


Trust me on this one, overthinking it with women is detrimental to your chances of finding love. Here’s why.

Celebrating Men Who Honor Women

Celebrating by Ashleigh W

Trish Everett wants all you guys who honor women to know how much you’re appreciated.

Hey, Gavin McInnes, Men Don’t Get to Say Where Women Are Happier

Hey Gavin by Alessandro Valli

Naomi Fryers examines the real motives behind Gavin McInnes’s sexist trolling on Fox News when he tells women where they belong.

Sexism Gives Women Weird Power Over Men


A lot of men think that women wield power over them. They may be right.

The Unbearableness of Being Me

The Unbearable by HAO XING

Cabot O’Callaghan gets up the nerve to tell the coffee shop cashier he likes her, but not before reminding us of every man’s fears.

4 Ways Dads Can Raise Stronger Girls

4 Ways by Michelle Sobina

A chance comment in the toy store got Ty Phillips thinking about how our culture shames women and how he wants his daughters to grow up.

How Poor Communication Leads To Broken Relationships

poor communication

Reaching a level of communication that builds your relationship shouldn’t be as hard as how we make it. James Michael Sama offers us some advice.

Will the Real Leaders Please Stand-Up?


What we really need are leaders (regardless of political affiliation) who care.

Your Inner Casanova: How to be Truly Irresistible to Women


Appearance, a great career and a charming personality are great. But they’re nothing when compared to the right attitude.

Why You Should Thank Your Wife For Giving You A Hard Time


Steven Lake examines how his wife improves his life even when when he doesn’t like it.

Just Let Her Cry – The Biological Reasons Women Shed More Tears

woman crying

Tears. Men fear them. Women need them. Is there a way to find a happy medium you can both live with?

How to Avoid Ruining Your Relationshp With the Blame Game

couple in a rowboat

Projecting the blame onto your partner will never get you what you really want. Here’s what will.