When They Laughed at Rape…

Matthew Rozsa discusses how an off-hand observation during a speech illustrated an important point about rape culture.

Can a Man be a Feminist?

Glen Poole explains how the debate surrounding whether men can be feminists “really has nothing to do with your beliefs or your actions.”

Is Gender Equality Killing Women?

Women often experience an implicit (and sometimes even explicit) expectation from those around them to be both a full-time professional and an ever-present mom.

Why She Bought a Gun

After domestic violence ends in a murder-suicide on the police station steps, some women begin to protect themselves and their loved ones with deadly force.

On Women’s Rights: Yeah, Yeah. Blah, Blah. Whatever.

Yashar Ali believes it’s our responsibility, as men and human beings to try to understand what discrimination is like for the women we claim to love.

Humorless Feminists and Misogynist Republicans?

Joanna Schroeder wonders if The Onion is doing damage to both men and women when joking about female voters having silly crushes on Republican Candidates.

Closing The Gaps In Gender Inequality?

Zek Evets wonders how women expect men to care about the gender equality movement, when they seem unwilling to care about men’s issues.

The Problems of the World Are Not All the Fault of Men: A Woman Talks About Male Guilt

If some ‘women’s issues’ are really all about making men feel guilty for being men, Lisa Hickey wonders, how will we move forward?

Women’s Issues Are Men’s Issues

Abortion? Yep, it’s a men’s issue, too.