Get Back to Work: The Paternity Leave Dilemma

Get Back to Work: The Paternity Leave Dilemma

Sean Singleton argues that the pressure to return to work can cause many men to miss out on the most precious weeks of their child’s life

Has an Employer’s Market Further Skewed Work-Life Balance?

work life balance- Dita Actor-FLickr

5 tips for ensuring a desirable lifestyle from Exxon Manager-turned-Life Coach.

How Drivel Like Hanna Rosin’s “Men Are Obsolete” Harms Both Men and Women

old fashioned?

Scott Behson doesn’t see the advancement of women as the degradation of men, and he thinks framing it that way is dangerous

Simple Chart For Prioritizing Responsibilities and Finding Success

to do list summer

It’s the things that are really important, but not urgent or pressing, that give life its deeper meaning. A fresh look at Stephen Covey’s quadrant.

And You Thought Your Work-Life Balance Was Difficult …


A dad of quadruplets shares what he learned juggling family life and a successful business career

Staying Present With Your Children: A Cool Discussion From

photo by jason lander

4 ways to be present with your kids even when you are worried about working hard to provide for them. Prompted by a cool discussion at MyDaddyCool

I Am a Father, I Am a Husband, I Am Boring


Choosing to live what some people might consider a boring life of family and responsibility is full of rewards, writers Michael Kelley, author of Boring.

Football or Family? QB Joe Flacco Misses the Mark

Superbowl MVP Joe Flacco (#5) passes to Ray Rice in Super Bowl XLVII.

Superbowl MVP Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens missed the birth of his second child to play in his team’s home opener. Football fan Aaron Gouviea weighs in on work and fatherhood.

Once Upon a Time, There Was a Children’s Book About a Dad


There aren’t enough children’s books reflecting what Megan Cottrell’s son experiences in their shared parenting household. Until this one.

Stay-at-home Dad Gets Annual Performance Review

Roll 3 - 12

Dustin Fisher, COO of MabelCorp, gets his first performance review as stay-at-home dad. The results are not good.

Top Three Perks of Working From Home


Six years ago, Jeremy Anderson began working from his home office. Here are the three biggest benefits of his set up.

Why Dads Should Take Paternity Leave


Canadian Michael Cusden fought guilt and worry at the onset of his six-month parental leave.

Four Lessons to Teach Kids the Value of Work


The attitude you have as a parent is what your kids will learn from, more than what you tell them. They don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are. –Jim Henson

Dad, Husband, Writer: I Want It All


Carter Gaddis wants to be a dedicated father, a diligent worker, and a devoted husband. It’s a lot of work to get it all.

Moms and Dads Reach Workplace Equality: Neither Can Have It All

Shaking hands

Reports in mainstream media confirm the same thing: Men and women are equally dissatisfied with current work-life balance, reports Scott Behson

Infographic: The Case for Paid Parental Leave

paid parental leave

United States is the only developed economy that does not offer some form of paid parental leave. Here are the affects.