The Great Abyss

When you’ve become a victim of your own success and you face the existential void of having no tasks on the calendar.

How the World Would End Without Gender

Maybe the world won’t end. Maybe, it will just be better.

Why It Is Urgent for Men to Empower Women Entrepreneurs

Men dominate 75% of conversations and decision-making in groups.

Are Your Company’s Values Burning Out Your Employees?

Do your daily practices align with your stated values? With your employees’ values? No? You probably have a burn out problem.

How To Be Successful (Maybe)

What if THIS were the real secret to achieving success?

Are You the Late Blooming Entrepreneur?

Many people walk away accepting failure, which is nothing more than their own fear of failure.

You Are Being Manipulated All the Time

What does your reaction to a hat say about your ability to avoid manipulation? A woman wore a hat to work at Home Depot. That hat said…

40 Days – 40 Rides

Robert Shelton found a way to change his life (and perhaps the environment) for the better.

The Foolproof Outsourcing Guide for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs need to remember that they cannot do it all themselves.

Two Simple (And Essential) Questions That Made Me See The World More Like An Entrepreneur

Some are born with an entrepreneurial mindset. Others–like me–had to grow one.

The Very Opposite of Burnout – What You Absolutely Must Know

Learn the three hallmarks of workplace engagement and what that can mean for you.

10 Pieces of Advice for Male Graduates

Believe in yourself and don’t bail on your dreams at the first feelings of discomfort.

The One That Got Away: A Call For Submissions

Do you have regrets?

Can You Be a Good Family Man and Entrepreneur?

Embed from Getty Images In the end, perfection is a myth. Improvement and presence are what we should be after. Focus on being the best version of yourselves in the moment of time that you are presently in. — I bought into the lie that I had to choose one or the other. That somehow […]

6 Things to Do If You Hate Your Job but Are Afraid to Quit

For business owners, identifying, mitigating, alleviating and preventing job related burnout is not only cost effective, it is income generating.

Zen, Recovery and the Art of Yard Maintenance

Yardwork offers us 6 lessons about recovery