Employer Versus Employee: A Thorough Look of the 21st Century Reality

Treat your customers as good as your employees or else…

Why Do Special Needs People Lack Opportunities for Employment?

Special needs people have much to offer the business community, but these 6 reasons often prevent it from happening.

Polishing the Diamonds: The Importance of Employee Development

4 ways to develop your leadership while developing your people. After all, as a leader you are only as good as your team.

Who is the Hero In Your Story?

Great leaders and businesses have a story to tell. The best understand who the hero should be.

Call for Submissions: Do You Love Your Life, But Not Your Job?

You are making work work for you and we want to hear from Good Men Project.

We Learn What We Feel

What motivates us to learn new things? It all comes down to how we feel about that which we wish to learn.

Comment of the Day: ‘I need other people’

It’s not about beer, and it’s not about business. Happy Hour is really about time to connect and reflect.

How to Turn Bad Employees into Rock Stars

Zech Newman shares the secrets of turning low performers into your best workers.

The False Dichotomy About Work and Entrepreneurship

Andrew Lynch has found that job-related misery is optional. Work is what you make of it.

What Two Of The Richest Men In History Can Teach Us About Money

You share something with the richest men in history. A story.

Happy Hours Are Good for My Business

As I sit drinking my beer at 3pm… I ask myself if I’m being an escapist or if I’m doing something good for my business?

The No-Notice Peace Out

Ghosting: The new trend in abandoning what we don’t like.

The Leadership Manifesto

There is a lot that needs to change about business leadership if companies, and leaders, are going to survive.

A Comedian Apologizes – Sort of

Part of me is apologizing because I’m genuinely sorry for offending you. But I’m apologizing to myself too.

Be Careful What You Ask For On the Internet

You probably wouldn’t let the Internet name your baby. So what could go wrong in naming your $289 million polar research vessel?

Enforcing Your Boundaries

When it comes to work and your personal life, you need to learn when to say no.