How Losing My Business Made Me Feel Less Than a Man


At the lowest point in his life, he learned a lesson that led him to freedom. — Men have standards to uphold; many have something to prove, but when the bottom drops out, it can feel like your life is over. Memories of inadequacy became real again of always coming up short of my goals. […]

What I Loved About the Job I Hated

What I Loved by U.S. Army

Cabot O’Callaghan learned priceless lessons working at a grocery store.

Easing Into Retirement


Enjoying life and eventual retirement are not about the pursuit of possessions. — “God rested and He wasn’t tired” Anonymous Sometimes change doesn’t come easy for us. Why? Our life can be viewed as a book with many chapters. I had a decision to make about when to retire from a position I had enjoyed. […]

When People Trump Everything Else


Who you have in your life affects what you do. Here are some keys to maintaining good relationships.  — Think about this for a moment–All relationships are not important. If all relationships are important, no relationship will be important. Leaders who genuinely care for people, consistently live out vision, and selflessly help others reach their […]

13 Inspiring Quotes on Overcoming Roadblocks


You can overcome even the toughest challenges in life. Here’s some advice to help.

3 Ways to Be A Better Man at Work

Successful Business Meeting

If you’ve ever felt like your identity at work didn’t click with your identity outside of the office… here are some steps to help you be a better man at work (and at home).

How I Stopped Being Angry With My Employers


Angry with your company? You can quit or adapt. Here’s how to adapt.

Finding My True Manhood After Losing My Job


His job was everything, when he lost it, he lost himself. It took a sobering experience to wake him up.

The Day After I Quit a Job I Hated


After 12 years of crappy work and dealing a terrible boss, he could final see freedom.

The Greatest Enemy of Success is Mediocrity: A Lesson From LeBron James


In defeat, Lebron James taught a valuable lesson about your work and life. — That’s a level of honesty we rarely hear from superstar athletes. After the Cavaliers had lost game six and the NBA Finals championship to the Warriors, a reporter asked an exhausted and defeated LeBron James whether it’s all worth it or if he had satisfaction in the process. […]

4 Reasons Being Sick Can Be Wonderful


You can choose what you focus your energy on.  — It’s felt wonderful to relax. That’s right, you read the title correctly. I’m sick as I wrote this but decided instead of focusing on the negative things about being sick, I’d share four reasons being sick is wonderful. ♦◊♦ 1. It’s relaxing. Okay, so maybe it’s just me, […]

3 Ways to Help Your Spouse Support Your Dream


Chasing your dream will be harder if your spouse hates it. Tips to get them on board. — There is an audio version at the end. One of the most common situations I hear about in the dream chasing journey world is a spouse that isn’t supportive. This can happen for a number of reasons, […]

10 Tips for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence and Become a Better Leader


On his first day in leadership, an employee informed him she might have cancer. He quickly had to become a leader. — When I was first promoted to a leadership position, I was so proud and yet so unprepared. It was my technical skills that had gotten me the job, not my leadership skills, as […]

How My Boring Job Led To My Dream Job


Her rash decision turned out to be a blessing in disguise. — At 18 years old, I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. Schoolmates seemed to know so why not me? My favorite subject was math–always math. That is why I chose math as my major. Never once did […]

Three Types of Dream Chasers


Making your dream a reality starts with figuring out what’s held you back. — Chasing dreams is hard work. They take a long time, and there are times along the way when you feel like quitting. To chase a dream, you have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone and do what […]

Lessons from the Field


Ten strategies for winning the game of life. — We are all players on the football field of life, however, to score a winning goal; you have to be fully present on the field. Showing up in your life means you are not a spectator on the sidelines just waiting for life to happen to […]