How to Work Like a Dad: Our Interview with the Creator of “The Working Dad’s Survival Guide”

The Working Dad’s Survival Guide: How to Succeed at Work and at Home

Author Scott Behson talks to GMP about his new book, work-life balance, paternity leave, his advice for career-driven dads, and how the modern workplace can make the lives of working fathers easier.

The Working Dad’s Survival Guide: The Importance of Being Present

The Working Dad’s Survival Guide: How to Succeed at Work and at Home

Author Scott Behson shares an excerpt from his new book “The Working Dad’s Survival Guide,” in which he discusses how fathers should wish to be remembered by their children.

Call for Submissions from Dads Who Work

daddy at work

You have a career, and you’re an engaged father. We want to share your stories.

Joe Marraccino: Time Will Tell


Welcome to Portraits of Fatherhood: We’re telling the story of today’s dads. __ There is no better place to witness the changing roles of men and women in the larger culture than through the lens of parenthood. But rather than speculate on what and how contemporary fathers do what they do, we’d like to bring […]

My Dad, The Highest Rolling Milkman in Atlantic City


His father went from a childhood of poverty and cruelty to a being able to provide his sons with everything he never had. But that isn’t why Bob Marrow loved his Dad, or why he always will.

Life in the Man Deserts

lack of male role models, children without men

Why are more children than ever are growing up with no male role models in sight?

Helping My Wife Lean In

fathers and daughters, family values, career family balance, two career families, parenthood, marriage, The Good Life, Scott Behson

Scott Behson takes his own advice for two-career families.

Being a Father Makes You Better at Your Job


A study of working dads suggests fatherhood conveys direct benefits to employers.

Negotiating Flexible Work Arrangements, Part 4


Make a business proposal, and make it easy for them to say yes.

Why Men Can’t Have It All

man who's got it all

Why doesn’t anyone ever ask whether men can “have it all”?

Daddy Days, 1999-2012

dad with baby bjorn

Bryan Levey reports from thirteen years of experience of sharing care on the new face of fatherhood.

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