3 Tips to Resolve Those 2014 Resolutions Before the Holidays

Resolutions legos

As we near the end of the year, it’s common to see colleagues, friends, and even ourselves pushing into that extra gear to close out the year strong. It’s also common to see those same people having some minor personal breakdowns due to what I call the “Dry Well Syndrome.”

Oakland A’s Slugger Brandon Moss Takes Paternity Leave

MLB paternity leave, baseball paternity leave, Brandon Moss, Oakland A's, MLB, baseball, work/life balance, fatherhood, sports dads

Major League Baseball implements a paternity leave policy for players … of only 72 hours. A good start? Or the price of playing pro ball?

What Working Fathers Need to Address Workplace Equality


Cameron Phillips argues that taking gender out of the equation reinforces the work/life problem facing fathers and mothers

Simplifying: Living With Less Can Leave Us With More

voluntary simplicity, very small houses, living with less, scaling down, lifestyle, The Good Life, work/life balance, Scott Behson

How a dot-com millionaire and a former missionary family have found greater riches in voluntary simplicity.

Sawyer’s Reaction to Yahoo’s Ban on Telework Misses the Point

man works from home with dog beside him

Telework expert Scott Behson offers his analysis of the data on telecommuting, employee productivity, and creative office culture.

What’s Your Deal Breaker in a Relationship?

couple outside Reichstag

What qualities in men are “deal breakers” for women considering a relationship? Conversely, what are on men’s lists?

Are Family Dinners Really That Important?

family dinner

Is there a multivitamin for family health?

Fathers, Work and Family Issues on TV: Expedia’s “Find Your Perspective” Ad


One father finds work-life balance on the teacups ride at Disney. How do you find perspective?

Being a Father Makes You Better at Your Job


A study of working dads suggests fatherhood conveys direct benefits to employers.

The River of Life


Why does it always feel like jumping off a cliff, every time I step back into the current of my life?

Reimagining Mentorship


The building blocks of society are its adult citizens. What kind of society do we want to build?

These Chores Don’t Count? On Men’s Hidden “Second Shift”


Housework—as it is defined by those who keep the statistics—does not include many chores traditionally handled by men.

Prioritizing Time and Money


“Ten years ago, I turned my head for a moment and it became my life.”

Bushmaster and the Cult of Masculinity


Men have some catching up to do with women, in shedding the stigma of gender nonconformity.

Negotiating Flexible Work Arrangements, Part 4


Make a business proposal, and make it easy for them to say yes.

Negotiating Flexible Work Arrangements, Part 3


Address your boss’ concerns about what is fair.