This Anti-Bullying Ad Aimed at Grown-Ups Could Change the World

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This anti-bullying ad from France seems to be asking one simple question:

If we don’t expect adults to torture and torment one another in the workplace, why do we allow kids to do it at school?

Preparation to Die


What does a psychologist do when despair leads to suicidal thoughts?

Workplace Bullying: A Chronic Corporate Disease

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Rakesh Malhotra, on how to detect against bullying in the workplace — even if it’s yourself.

Thursday HuffPost Edition – Ten things I've learned from bullies

1. When I was in elementary school, I was pretty scrappy and I had big enough friends that I ended up pretty much on top of the social hierarchy by grade six. I teased certain girls in my class and I was a little jerk. My transition to being nearly friendless and painfully uncool in […]