How Mr. Belvedere Taught Me About AIDS

Dwight Hurst follows up on World AIDS Day with a #TBT to that time Mr. Belvedere clued him on the mysterious world of HIV.

Six Pioneering Gay Writers who Helped Bring HIV/AIDS to the American Forefront

Sadly, many of these writers are no longer with us, but their works live on, serving as both educational tools and as unique time capsules for one of the darkest chapters in LGBTQ history.

How Rock Hudson’s Death Changed the Perception of AIDS

It was unthinkable, but true, that a beloved movie idol could also be a gay man with AIDS.

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How Harvey Milk’s Death, and the World AIDS Losses Brought Us Marriage and Family Equality

“World AIDS Day is a reminder of all the loving souls we have lost as the price for what we have gained. The assassination of Harvey Milk reminds us that there are those who would willingly shoot the concept of an LGBT-safe America dead. The sacrifices in both cases must never be taken for granted.”

Walking With the Ghost of John Preston

In honor of World AIDS Day, Michael Rowe remembers his mentor John Preston, the ghost of whom he carries with him everywhere.

What the LGBTQ Community Means to DJ Caroline D’Amore

Why THIS Malibu Dream Girl is NOT just some vacuous LA socialite…

Vow to Educate Yourself on World AIDS Day

Commemorate World AIDS Day by learning how HIV is spread, and protecting yourself.

In Honor of the 40 Million

Kile Ozier looks back on this year’s International AIDS Day and all the ones that came before it.

World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day.* It has been three decades since the first young gay men started getting Kaposi’s sarcoma. Many people, including me, have never lived in a world where sex couldn’t kill you. 33 million people across the globe are currently living with HIV? So, uh, why do we still stigmatize people with […]

Quilt Letter: In Honor Of World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day.

Facing AIDS Online: Social Media’s Place in HIV History

December 1 is World AIDS Day, and organizations are investing significant time and money into Facebook pages and YouTube channels. But will these tools reach the populations most vulnerable to the disease?